Peeling Whole Garlic Bulb

Peeling Whole Garlic Bulb

1- Cut off the tip end of the bulb and discard. If you can separate all the cloves at that point, do it.

2- If not, cut off the bottom a little into the base of the cloves. The bottom is tough, so be careful.

3- Separate the cloves and peel away the large pieces of paper-type skins.

4- Fill a small bowl with cold water and place cloves in it.

5- Easily peel each garlic over bowl of soaking garlic, dipping fingers as needed to keep them moist, so the skins don’t stick to your fingers.

6- Store garlic in covered jar in water and a little vinegar to retard mold (pickled garlic). You won’t notice the vinegar when you use it, either fresh or sauteed. Or chop and use immediately.

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