New Menu Vegan @ Brothers Lounge

Steve and I selected three of the new Vegan menu items at Brothers Lounge, the first being FRIED PLANTAINS.

We had no idea what to expect. I’ve never tasted a plantain, but heard they were denser than a banana with less of a banana flavor, more vegetable-like than fruit-like – more of a potato texture. Actually it was more of a cross between a potato and a banana, only denser with a more meaty chew than not.

Even while living in Hawaii and knowing Hawaiians and Samoans, I never tried one – it just didn’t appeal. Of course the cooked ones I saw in Hawaii didn’t look like these patties.

Deep fried they were – and the way they crisped up while remaining chewy was impressive. The chimichurri sauce that substituted for whatever animal-based sauce that came with them was perfect, especially when mixed with ketchup – delicious combination. I think I discovered something new. Who mixes chimichurri sauce with ketchup? The Animal-Free Chef, that’s who!

The new menu offered an array of small plates and Steve’s choice today was the TOFU CURRY over rice with a side of flour tortilla triangles. The tofu presented as a rough chop in a sweet curry sauce. I couldn’t tell you what was in it that created the subtle but complex flavor achievement, but my tastebuds said it was designed for a fine dine experienced palate.

Steve’s only complaint was there wasn’t enough of it – he wanted more. This coming from a guy who’s not a fan of curry!

My small plate that turned out to be a large plate was TOFU STEAK with grilled asparagus and fingerling potatoes. Again I substituted the animal-based sauce with the same chimichurri sauce, again mixed with ketchup. I don’t know in what ingredients that Chef Shannon marinated the tofu, but the result was in the exquisite category. Perfect textural chew, perfect flavor combinations, and a surprise juicy chew were all a delight to experience. The best food to savor in my view!

There are other vegan items on the new menu that sound worth the try.

Brothers Lounge has more vegan items than any other animal-based restaurant anywhere in the area. So far they’ve all been excellent.

Welcome back to the neighborhood!


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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