Do You Know Why PIZZA HOUSES Don’t Make Pizza On Bread?

Because it’s so good and so easy that you wouldn’t want to go out to a pizza house for it – you could make it yourself. How many times have you been disappointed with your yeast risen pizza??

I used to think the dough was everything, probably because the toppings were nothing to brag about. And let’s face it, most of the crusts I’ve had, and I’ve had a lot of them, were below par. When you bite into them the dough is half raw in the center, and the center is big.

But when it’s crispy, it’s always too crispy. For those missing a few teeth, ever try gumming a crispy pizza crust? It will rough you up.

The dough-makers make the making of dough a mystery – difficult to achieve a great one unless you have particular skills, particular flour and a high powered flame throwing oven to match.

So that’s what you pay for every time you order a yeast pizza – not the actual pizza, but the over-priced skills, flour, toppings and appliances.

Plus the fear factor. The pizza makers make people afraid to even try making their own. They might as well slap a huge neon sign on each delivery box that says: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

After all, who would pay a restaurant to smear some inferior sauce onto a slice of bread with some old veggies and nothing to brag about cheese?

The time factor is the biggest obstacle when making yeast pizza at home. It takes too long. Even when using a ball of dough from the bakery, it never turns out right, given the amount of time that goes into it. The answer? Bakery bread has already risen and baked, with a multitude of breads to choose from.

English muffins these days are not what they used to be. On the outside, they look the part, but inside they don’t resemble the English muffin to which I’m accustomed. NO NOOKS AND CRANNIES. What’s the matter with people? I’m beginning to wonder if the English muffin-makers today have never eaten a real English muffin.

They’re destroying the brand of what an English muffin is. It doesn’t matter that the English muffin was invented in the USA by a person of English ancestry and didn’t come directly from England. Didn’t England invent the crumpet? Close enough – holes and all. Now it has a USA counterpart. Hey, good idea. THE CRUMPET PIZZA. I want the NOOKS AND CRANNIES or holes will do. Where are they?

Those nook and cranny muffins used to make a decent pizza crust. The only problem that followed was the rest of it. Nobody knew anything about building a pizza on a bun. Flat tomato paste watered down straight from the can – no seasonings, no oil?? Topped with a piece of orange cheese? Remember those from school lunches? Everybody tried to do it on the cheap, and nobody liked the toppings.

BREAD IS BACK. With all this pandemic bread circulating that isn’t bakery-style fresh any more, why not make toast of it?

PIZZA TOAST. Animal-Free. Sharon Lee.


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