ACHIEVEMENTS IN COOKING.  Throughout these recipes you will hear me speak of flavor, texture, color and aroma achievements. They are simply defined as follows:

Flavor achievement refers to the ultimate flavor achieved in any given dish.

Texture achievement refers to the ultimate texture (feeling on the tongue, mouth, or to the tooth) achieved in any given dish.

Color achievement refers to the ultimate color arrangement and intensity achieved in any given dish.

Aroma achievement refers to the ultimate aroma achieved in any given dish.

So, the final dish will reflect a flavor achievement (what it tastes like), a texture achievement (how it feels to the mouth), a color achievement (how it is colored), and an aroma achievement (how it smells). All achievements are critical to the enjoyment of the dish.

Don’t underestimate the importance of aroma in cooking and in the final product. Aroma is what entices us to cook, encourages us to keep cooking, and convinces us to eat. Not many dishes will make it to the mouth that can’t get past the nose. Many restaurants today lack the aroma factor.

Burger King draws you in by the smell of charred wood burning as you walk by. Ever walk into an old Italian restaurant and feel like you’re home, because it reminds you of the smells of the pizza parlors you frequented in your youth? Same is so with a bakery. When you can smell the bread baking, you want to eat some right away and then take some home with you.

  • Expect Some Respect
    Expect Some Respect
  • Crab Boil Tofu
    Crab Boil Tofu
  • Eulogy From Queen Eli To Chef Davies-Tight
    Eulogy From Queen Eli To Chef Davies-Tight


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