There’s a reason I don’t order fresh cut french fries. Kitchen staff take shortcuts with everything. If there’s a step to skip they’ll find it and do it. Fresh cut french fries are dirty; you can tell by looking at them before they cut them.

  • I didn’t order fresh cut; that’s what the kitchen sent out. Of course I sent them back, but when a customer feels compelled to do that, it’s not good for the restaurant’s reputation. Everybody who was there knows that I got rotted french fries. Most people would hesitate to order fries again, especially if they were first-timers.

Those who order the food to make the recipes take shortcuts too. The lower the price the better, no matter if it’s partially damaged; they’ll cut around it. Or in this case they made no effort to cut the rot out.

Who wants to eat potatoes straight from the ground of manure it was grown in, cut and deep-fried without even washing or scrubbing them clean? Everybody wants them scrubbed and absent rot; but nobody gets it. They figure the hot grease will kill whatever bad is on the spud, but what to do with the rot? Same thing? The grease will kill it?

Come on, who’s paying for these potatoes anyway? Doesn’t the customer get a say in what they want? Rotten spuds? They shouldn’t be on anybody’s menu, shortcutting it or not.

When you own, operate or otherwise work in a restaurant/bar, then it is your responsibility to provide clean, safe food, not to buy bad product with the intention of nuking it before serving it to kill whatever’s on it.

You have to wonder where they stored these potatoes, for how long and if they ever rotate their product.

Rotating product means you put the new on the bottom or in the back and the old on top or in the front. Or you wait till it’s gone, clean the container and put in new product.

You don’t deep fry rotted food and think it’s okay. Would you want to eat it? And pay for it?

Shortcuts in food storage make people sick. Remember that.

TICK TOCK TAVERN. Cleveland, Ohio. One must wonder what cook or chef would send these out to a customer.


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