Every Day Is The Only Way


GROOMING 101 – Keeping The Food Safe Starts With Your Own Personal Cleanliness

Some of the filthiest shoes I’ve seen are worn by chefs, cooks and other kitchen staff.

The first runners-up are nurses and hospital staff.

In the two places where clean shoes should be a high priority, they’re at the bottom of the list.

A woman will be all groomed up – perfect hair, make-up, nails – till your eyes drop to her feet and you see garbage pails where shoes ought to be, bacteria bins substituting for shoes.

Covered with barnacles like smelly fish, announcing to the world by their very presence, here we come ready or not, we’ve got wheels, your shoes, and we’re going to infect everybody we see everywhere we walk with new and exciting infectious diseases made to order just for you by your health care professionals and favorite chefs.

Some of the dirtiest people wearing some of the scummiest clothes I’ve ever seen on human beings are preparing your food right now at your favorite high-end, low-end and every where in-between restaurants.

Aprons, jackets, pants – all dirty – caked with grease, flour, sauces, dressings, meat juices, batter, eggs, barbecue, mayonnaise, ketchup wiped directly onto the clothed body day after day night after night without the thought of a clean change of clothes.

Every day is the new and only way.

Every day – in hospital or health care setting, in restaurant or food service setting – you apply a clean set of clothes (washed and ironed). You wash your shoes with big cloth soapy wipes every day when you go home if it is the only thing you do before falling into your oblivious addicted life-after-work routine.

You’re like your own walking door mats, wiping your dirty paws on yourselves, thinking you’re keeping everything you touch clean, except yourselves.

You’re not keeping yourselves clean either. You’re not keeping anything clean.

All these intricately designed tattoos and multi-layered, multi-colored hair set-ups on dirty bodies and dirty heads? Take a bath, wash your hair.

Every day is the only way.

Stay away from my food and administering me health care if you’re not clean according to a prearranged and agreed upon standard.

Every day is the only way.

Once you let one day slide, you’ll let a week or more slide – just because you’re comfortable with your own dirt and don’t consider it unhealthy. You’re not sick so why should you think you can get anybody else sick?

You’re wrong. Appearances count – the way you look is as important as the way the food looks. Do you want to serve ragged, dirty, smelly food? If you do, then get out of the food business. Do you want your food prepared and served to you by a ragged, dirty, smelly person? If you do, then don’t ever get into food service.

Everyone knows when you’re covering up the dirt with fragrance and make-up so why do it? The cover-up takes almost as long.

T.V. chefs this applies to you too. Clean yourself up. And stop dripping your sweat into the customer’s plate of food like you’re proud of it. It stinks and so do you. I don’t want your waste as a part of my meal. Sweat is waste – like shit and piss. Keep it off the plate.

Dirty fingernails? Cut them off if you can’t keep them clean.

Brush your teeth for Christ sake. I don’t care if you only have one. Make that one shine like a pearly gold nugget. Clean it yourself. You only have one to worry about and you’re still complaining? Get away from my food. Don’t apply for a job at the hospital I go to or the doctor’s office I visit. Dirty people need not apply.

All these competing chefs on T.V. all running their hands through their sweaty hair and all over their sweaty faces, then touching all the food? Dipping their fingers into sauces and then licking them, then touching the food again? Who raised you? That mother everybody always says they’re cooking for in their mind would be appalled at the lack of clean technique demonstrated on these shows.

This shouldn’t be as difficult as it appears to be for almost all of you. Did you just slide into these jobs out of bed one day out of the blue? And since you work mostly out of view you thought you could stay dirty all the time and no one cared? What bothers me is that you didn’t care.

Grooming 101.

Every day is the only way.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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