The Recipe Is Everything That Matters.


You say you don’t want a recipe. You laugh and say we don’t need your crazy dumass recipes. You’re dismissive when you say it’s not helping us.

We need help you say, and all you do is cook.

We have plenty of recipes, you say.

You keep asking God to help you, so naturally that’s where I went. Why go elsewhere? Do you even know what you want? Do you know where and how to get it?

I travelled along your lines to help you figure out what you’re asking God. You know don’t you, that the universe is God and God is the universe – in many forms and continues to grow in all directions including inward.

You say: Forget the damn recipes; we need help not a recipe.

That’s what the universe recognizes and the way in which the universe communicates – through recipes.

Formulas, measurements, combinations, methods, ingredients or contents, interaction.

It’s all about the recipe.

Do you have one to show the God you pray to or the universe from which you expect miracles?

What’s the formula for your success? Individually. Forget the group. One person.

White people are neither the problem nor the solution. You give them too much credit and too much blame and where does it get you?

The universe needs all lives to survive and thrive. And you’re blocking the recipe by making one ingredient more important and leaving out critical ingredients to the success of the recipe.

The universe said no to your mattering formula. All matter matters – all the time – and you told the universe you wanted to change that recipe.

But you didn’t come up with a better one. You made the existing one worse. I’m looking at all the recipes you say you have and they contain the flesh and blood of God’s beloved animals. So that’s the plan? Who do you want God to kill that you haven’t already killed? God sees all of you as killers not peacemakers. You’re eating up all of God’s creatures, even each other.

Animals in the pot is not the recipe for their survival nor yours.

Go back and make the recipe better.

Recipes are the only thing the universe cares about. That’s what the universe is – a recipe.

That’s what you are – a recipe.

That’s what God is – the recipe.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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