Aladdin’s Eatery WestLake, Ohio

Located at Crocker Park Open-Air Mall

Steve and I went all the way out to Crocker Park for lunch and there wasn’t much in the way of animal-free options on anybody’s menu, so we settled on Aladdin’s Eatery knowing at least whatever we got wouldn’t contain animals. Well, not the entire menu is animal-free, but we found some items.

The bread was the best if you ate it all right away. It seems they’re selling older bread that needs to be microwaved to soften it. That’s fine if it’s not microwaved too long and if the diner eats it right away. Near the end of the meal it was stiffening up considerably.

We shared a plate of everything vegan and everything tasted pretty much the same. I guess neither of us are fans of Lebanese cooking. The flavors are too strong and the textures unappealing.

Although I like hummus and Baba ghanoush, I thought being their specialty they would excel. They didn’t smooth it. All the items were clearly rough.

The carrot juice looked like they didn’t wash the carrots or they used seconds. Too much foam and the dark signaled old, dirty carrots.

The dessert was made out-of-house. Tasty in comparison, if one can compare savory to sweet. Too dense, too sweet, you only need a few bites. If I ever went again I’d get the Baba ghanoush, bread and desert. No juice.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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