Standardized Viscosity

Standardized Viscosity

Ever notice how there’s only one basic consistency of pudding or mousse or gelatin, even gravy?

I don’t know who sets the standard, but it happens and for whatever reason everybody who sells pudding, mousse, gelatin, even gravy either copies one another or they settle into one viscosity level.

A cook assigned to make the soup for the next day where we frequent had Steve taste test a mushroom soup. It was outstanding. Not as thick as mushroom soup is these days for whatever reason, but excellent. More like soups back in the day – not too thick not too thin.

The cook who came in after he left, thickened it up more to her liking – to match the viscosity of HER SOUPS. The reason we know is that Steve ordered it the next day and it wasn’t the soup he taste tested.

Well, it didn’t take long for everybody to know that one cook tampered with another cook’s recipe. And everybody knew that the guy who came back the next day to order it wasn’t happy.

There’s no room for variation, which is disturbing since people really do like to try new things, new ways. At least that’s how we were as kids. The new bike on the block everybody ran to see it, wanted to drive it.

What happens along the way into adulthood and beyond? I guess some still like the new, others more often than not stay glued.

Why so much with food though? Fashions are fickle, coming and going with every new season. Colors, same thing. Fabrics, same thing. Cars, appliances, computers you name it, NEW is always IN.

But not so much with food. Sure, a new beer, a new snack, a new dessert or soup. But it doesn’t veer much from the old.

Resisting standardization in pursuit of experiences beyond the average or familiar or accepted standard, I experiment with different flavors, textures AND viscosities.

Sometimes the gravy’s thinner than usual, the sauce, thicker than usual. The same with pudding, mousse, gelatin.

Have you ever drank pudding? Pudding made thinner? It’s a different kind of experience, one that I happen to like. Not always, but sometimes.

How about extra-thick pudding that you could stand a spoon in it? Ever tried that?

Experiment. Bring that kid in you back to the kitchen.

I guarantee you’ll like it. Feel free.

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