Impossible Burger Back @ Tick Tock Tavern

First they had it, then they didn’t. Not enough sales they claimed. @ Tick Tock Tavern.

Then they got it in again. This time I was there. Actually, this Impossible burger tastes and textures more like the Burger King Burger.

They can also make a side salad with red dressing that’s animal-free if you request it.

Labatt Blue has a new alcohol-free beer called Blue NON-ALC, which is a good brew with a good name and mighty tasty with this Impossible Burger.

Did you know that alcohol-free beers are IN? Seems so according to a bartender I know. Many drinkers are drinking non-alcohol beer between their alcohol beers to keep the total alcohol content down when they’re out and about. That’s a good idea. It’s catching on with the younger crowds, which means it’ll catch on with the older crowds too.

So the first time I had this Impossible burger at Tick Tock I ordered it without the lettuce and onion, no cheese. Then I spread ketchup and Jack Daniel’s sauce on the bun – the Daniel’s sauce cost extra, but it’s that good, so I pay a little more.

The second time, I used the same ketchup and Daniel’s sauce combo, plus pickle slices, plus I stacked a few french fries on top and ate it that way. It’s a super large burger, and I could hardly finish it, but I did – with no regrets!

Thank you Tick Tock!


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