The Muze Fieldhouse Lakewood, Ohio 2nd visit

Well, we made it back again, this time with different staff. I ordered the vegan option pizza and Steve ordered the tater tots. Granted the waiter was on only his second day. The tater tots were not recognizable, more like burned hush puppies – and setting in an animal-based sauce.

Steve returned them, then didn’t want to order anything else. I showed the waiters the photo of the tater tots I had last time and they were in awe!! Maybe that cook no longer works there or it was his day off.

The staff didn’t seem to have it together. Neither did the cook. He wasn’t sure if the pizza dough mix came in animal-free. He only knew that he didn’t add any animal product to it. I went on the advice of the first waiter who looked it up in the binder notebook, but still the cook instilled doubt.

This time I ordered the basil pizza, absent cheese, with a peach substitute with onion. It came out minus the basil, which they then provided. Something I’ve noticed over the years is the slower the business, the more lax workers become, thus the more mistakes.

The crust of the pizza was tasted and textured differently from the first visit. Maybe it was cooked longer. Also lacking in enough salt.

There really wasn’t much that can be made vegan on their menu. However, they didn’t seem to mind when I pulled out my vegan parmesan to apply to what seemed way too dry a pizza, considering it was sauced.

Hopefully the quality and offering will improve over time, when people know they’re here. They’ve only been open about six months.

The kitchen and eating areas are huge, suggesting that they want to sell some serious food. In that case, then cooks and wait staff plus bartenders need to become for familiar with the product. Like I said in the first review they have a notebook that contains ingredients of items sold, yet not all employees know it even exists.

There’s a lot of ‘I don’t Knows” going on and an equal amount of ‘maybe this and maybe that’. Customers want real answers about the food they’re about to consume, and rightly so.

All restaurants/bars have this same problem – staff knows very little about the food served, even after years on the job. The future needs to produce more informed employees.

Customers don’t want staff to act put out when asked if their pizza dough contains animal products. And they deserve a definite, accurate answer – not ‘this is what it probably is’.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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