The Perversion Of Food

The Perversity Of Food

What’s your lean? Where’s your marble?

Why does it always have to be Chicken Parmesan? All you can do is copy? 

Where’s your imagination? Somebody locked you into their culinary demands that never can be changed? What is this all about? Prey or pray tell? Mamma or government. Spread your culinary wings. Spread ‘em damn it. Who tells you not to experiment with plants? Not I, said the Animal-Free Chef. Well then go get ‘em. Knock their socks off not their blocks (heads in other words).

Neither government nor Mamma. You’re in charge of you, right? Then prove it. You don’t prove it by staying stuck in everybody else’s status quo.

Branch out. Fertilize those animal-free culinary thoughts with something real, something other than those who would if they could flee your ax or gun or arrow or fish line/trap. 

Stop procreating animals for food. You pervert. Get your culinary kicks from plants not animals.

Become disperverted unperverted by the foods you eat. Plants don’t scream, only you do when you prepare them right. Oozing pleasures of entrapment. The carrot zings your wings with unanticipated flights into a land of free-basing sauces designed absent the fear of being found out by the underground always on the prowl for tasteless appetites.

How about A-F Beef Parmesan? 

Ever notice that restaurants don’t use Parmesan as advertised? Instead they substitute mozzarella because it’s cheaper. Years back when I still consumed animal products but not animal meat I’d make an eggplant parmigiana with Gruyère cheese and when not available Jarlsberg and when not available Swiss. It cost more but was more flavorful.

Well once again I find myself at the precipice of another epiphany of flavors using animal-free meats with a Parmesan theme. Serve as stack of A-F meats, sauce and cheeses as a single stack on a plate, or on a burger bun or grinder roll sturdy enough to support the weight with a Tablespoon of heated sauce if a more moist presentation is desired. You can do it I know you can. Just keep the animal out of your perversions, okay?


Follow Your Heart Parmesan works wonders. What are you waiting for? Forego the breading and serve it on a toasted slice of French baguette or black Russian bread drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and a dash of salt and fresh grind black pepper, a smear of roasted garlic paste too, why not? Impossible, Beyond, Gardein all good choices for the A-F beef. Add Follow Your Heart Bleu Cheese crumble a top the melted A-F Parm. Make a burgundy beef gravy to smear the plate – dare I sprinkle a bit of finely chopped Greek Kalamata olives to dot the sauce? You licking the lips yet? No? The plate? Even better you unperverted hunk of beauty! No mushrooms on this one. You don’t want to start a war do you?


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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