My Friends Restaurant

Well, they got rid of the Impossible Burger, but they still serve hummus, any way I like it. A side of Greek olives, barbecue sauce and cucumber slices.

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There’s a reason I don’t order fresh cut french fries. Kitchen staff take shortcuts with everything. If there’s a step to skip they’ll find it and do it. Fresh cut french fries are dirty; you can tell by looking at them before they cut them. I didn’t order fresh cut; that’s what the kitchen sentContinue reading “WORST FRIES EVER”


One of the animal-free dishes I often order at MY FRIENDS RESTAURANT is hummus. Plain hummus topped with Kalamata olives served with warmed flatbread triangles. Eh, you’ve had one you’ve had them all, always the same wherever I go. Lately I’ve been substituting cucumber slices for the bread, trying to cut back on carbs. AlthoughContinue reading “AFC WHEN HUMMUS GETS BORING”


People must be more curious than the government and the NON-HUMAN SLAVERY-SLAUGHTER businesses wants you to know. I only take pictures of the animal-free dishes prepared for me at animal restaurants, that I actually ate and liked and would order again. THEN I SHARE THEM. To hear the media talk, everybody turns their noses upContinue reading “2 MILLION VIEWS OF ANIMAL-FREE DISHES at local restaurants”

Disclaimer For Eating Out Animal-Free

EATING OUT ANIMAL-FREE Click here for: HAPPY COW RESTAURANT LOCATOR The Healthy Eating Guide. Insert your location and Happy Cow will tell you where to eat out animal-free/vegetarian/vegan. DISCLAIMER. Before going to a restaurant that doesn’t advertise vegan items on the menu or items that can be made vegan, call the restaurant. Talk to the manager or theContinue reading “Disclaimer For Eating Out Animal-Free”

Is Pasta Marinara On Your Menu? Why Not?

Everybody loves spaghetti and meatballs or pasta marinara. One might think – money-making-wise – that every food joint in the country would have their own special recipe. Why not? I would – if I wanted to sell what people liked. Plant meatballs of course. Here’s a link for SHARON’S MEATBALLS AND LINGUINI SHARON’S MEATLESS MEATBALLSContinue reading “Is Pasta Marinara On Your Menu? Why Not?”

Mistakes Restaurants Make When Serving Vegan

Let’s use as an example the IMPOSSIBLE BURGER that recently was introduced on many restaurant menus around the country – in many animal-based restaurants. The two in question are located downtown Cleveland, Ohio: STACK’D HANDCRAFTED SANDWICHES and WAHLBURGER’S. Steve and I wanted to try the burger, so he checked both restaurants which claimed to carryContinue reading “Mistakes Restaurants Make When Serving Vegan”

Bring Your Own Vegan Cheese (BYOVC)

That’s what Papa Nicks in Cleveland, Ohio said it was okay to do. In fact they encouraged it when I asked about it. So the next time we ordered take-out on our way shopping to pick up later, we first dropped off some vegan cheeses: Daiya Mozzarella Shreds and Follow Your Heart Provolone Slices. TheyContinue reading “Bring Your Own Vegan Cheese (BYOVC)”

How to Order Vegan at Fast Food and Chain Restaurants | PETA

Did you know that vegan fast food totally exists? We put together this handy guide to help you navigate the chain restaurant world. Vegan Fast Food is Here! Try These Options on the Go What’s the deal with vegan food? Some of us never thought we’d see the day when Burger King or Denny’s offeredContinue reading “How to Order Vegan at Fast Food and Chain Restaurants | PETA”

Chipotle — Food with Integrity [???]

  Food With Integrity is Chipotle’s commitment to responsibly raised animals, classic cooking techniques, whole ingredients, the environment, local produce. DAY AFTER DAY WE’RE COMMITTED To sourcing the very best ingredients we can find and preparing them by hand. To vegetables grown in healthy soil, and pork from pigs allowed to freely root and roamContinue reading “Chipotle — Food with Integrity [???]”

Restaurant Review Criteria

Pictures is how I do the review. Pictures of the food I order, eat and like. If I don’t like it, I don’t post it. Animal-Free is the primary non-negotiable criterion. Service is not what I review. If a restaurant is so dirty that I can’t stand the smell of it, I’ll walk out asContinue reading “Restaurant Review Criteria”


Since there’s a lot of negativity directed at people who don’t eat animals, it’s in the interest of the animal chefs, who have to design restaurant menus that include animal-free (vegan) options for these folks, to grasp the reasons behind their commitment. Viewing this well-made and respected documentary (Earthlings) helps the animal chef understand the decisionContinue reading “TO ANIMAL CHEFS re: MENU PLANNING FOR VEGANS”