We got there on the last day of the featured cauliflower wings. Don’t know if they’ll be coming back, but if people in the restaurant don’t tell the customer, then of course they won’t sell.

That’s a feature I see in all restaurants whether we eat-in or take-out. Not the cauliflower wings, but employees who know nothing about the products they sell. I mean nothing.

Most people couldn’t define vegan if their lives depended on it, even when the restaurant has vegan options. They’ll dance all around the question, conning you into thinking they know what they’re talking about when they clearly don’t. Nobody knows what an animal is. I don’t think they think they’re eating an animal when they eat meat. That’s how deep the slaughter industries and governments brain washed the populace.

“Yes, yes, right here gluten-free”, when asking for vegan options. Nobody knows what an animal product is. Eggs and dairy, beef and chicken broth are vegetables to them. That’s the quality of employee across the board, no matter if the restaurant is up or down scale.

It’s discouraging. Yet they all want to be paid more money, but aren’t willing to work for it. Hey, knowing the product might get you noticed. But they want the money before they’ll produce and even when they’re paid more, they still work the same. It’s never enough. “I don’t get paid enough to know all that”. There’s no initiative on their part, even when the money incentives are there.

You walk in and nobody seems to be there to wait on you. It seems those dine-in tables are for people waiting for take-out orders or for the employees kids to play on their computers while their parent work. Take your kid to work day. Or maybe Moms drop them off for the workers to babysit them. Who knows, it’s just all too unprofessional for comfort. Not a good environment in which to sit down and enjoy eating your pizza. It’s as if you’re in everybody’s way.

Okay, so finally the manager comes out and she’s the only one who knows anything about anything. Who would know they had cauliflower wings? I said I was vegan, she said we have cauliflower wings and I’ll check the breading to see if that is also vegan. I’m not sure what I ended up with, but it was vegan and looked nothing like the picture.

They also had plant-based sausage, but no plant-based cheese. It’s as if everybody is going half way vegan on one item and that supposedly satisfies somebody, nobody knows who. Maybe they get a tax credit for having one vegan item on the menu.


The cauliflower wings were good, but like I said, they looked nothing like the picture. They didn’t offer a vegan dipping sauce similar to the non-vegan sauce. Marinara was it – the same as the pizza sauce. If marinara sauce was the sauce of choice, then they would have pictured it with the cauliflower wings. Instead they suggested a creamy dipping sauce, which would have been appropriate had it been a vegan version.

They also didn’t texture like they were roasted.

The crust on the pizza was great, but the sauce was too thick, too sweet and too hot. It seemed that the ones who developed that sauce recipe were replacing oil with sugar and heat and it didn’t work. This is not an Italian sauce.

I couldn’t eat that sauce again; the sweet and heat were overpowering. Just because somebody has an Italian name doesn’t mean they can cook.

I don’t know what they did to the sausage, but it was way to dry. I cook all the plant sausages at home and they don’t cook up dry unless you leave them on the stove too long. Way too long. So they missed the boat with the sausage too.

It seems that the cooks and chefs today know very little about cooking plants. Flesh and blood is their specialty. Many of them act oblivious to the changing world around them and talk like they’re in a different century.

It’s a startling experience to be sure. Not one that inspires confidence in the cooks and chefs of today. Even the vegan chefs are from a different food planet also oblivious to the palate. It’s more about how it looks rather than how it tastes and textures.

Offering part-time vegan features is not going to bring the customer back for more when more isn’t there. It’s a defeatist strategy. Maybe they’re plotting to make sure the vegan items don’t sell so they can go back to their comfort zone of cooking and eating the flesh and blood of animals.

Those flesh and blood days are over. If the cooks and chefs of today don’t learn quickly how to prepare delicious tasting plants, they’ll all be unemployed and the restaurants out of business.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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