Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential

I’m not trying to increase book sales of a dead person, but everyone who eats and drinks out should read Anthony Bourdain’s  KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL. 

This guy doesn’t take a breath when he writes. How he could recall all that detail when he was a rabid drug and alcohol addict also addicted to the chaotic repetitive work of a restaurant, the larger the better, remains a mystery. But he did it with a glaring, gory, non-judgmental type of confidence – when talking about his people. 

Everybody not his people were harshly judged – unfairly I might add when it came to his knowledge of veganism. Maybe he never met a vegan he liked. He did serve a few.

Pick a page, any page and you’ll find something INTERESTING. The order doesn’t matter. You could start reading the book from back to front and still it wouldn’t matter. There is no plot to follow. The plan was already in his mind as he typed. Remarkable.

Tell them Tony says high!

Tony says get me some.


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