The Animal-Free Manifesto written as an historical document by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, The Animal-Free Chef

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Change Vegan Friendly To Animal Friendly

To restaurants: Instead of writing vegan friendly on your menu selections, I suggest writing animal friendly – which excludes all animals and animal products.

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Expect Some Respect

There are no terms. Vegans don’t eat at restaurants serving animals – or so the Facebook Street claims.

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How does a juicy chew sound? I didn’t know until I ad-libbed this rice one morning wanting something other than plain for a change of pace. Was I ever surprised. RICE? JUICY ON THE CHEW? You betcha’ and loving it all the way till gone!!

Rice? Why make rice like everybody else? Don’t you think your restaurant patrons want in on this? YES. Of course they do! What’s the matter with you; it’s cheap, so don’t inflate the price just because it’s JUICY ON THE CHEW, okay? And keep it animal-free, which means no subbing in animal broth for the water – THAT’S AN ORDER from the TOP CHEF.

Makes 7-1/2 cups

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Crab Boil Tofu


You know the spice blend that restaurants use to cook shell fish primarily? Well, why not do the same with tofu? Opening the bag and pouring some of it into the water nearly choked me. Big reaction. Guess I breathed some of it in. Use CAUTION when using Crab Boil Spice. Otherwise it flavors great.

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Eulogy From Queen Eli To Chef Davies-Tight

Chef Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, at your service as always

Eulogy from Queen Elizabeth

I asked for a message and this is what she wrote.

For restaurant, food services and home chefs:

1-  No nail polish in the kitchen. It hides clean or dirty nails.

2-  Now that it’s 2022, no fake nails in the kitchen.

3-  If you’re wearing anything that can fall off with your movement in the kitchen, then it’s banned.

4-  As a chef in 2022 I can attest to the fact that the above is required to keep patrons of food and beverage establishments throughout this fine but troubled world, SAFE.

5- Thank you for this opportunity to be of service to all the world’s creatures, large and small.

AFC Toasted Bologna And Cheese Sandwich


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Tofu Cheddar Melt

AFC Tofu Cheddar Melt

If you miss the old days of oily cheese dishes, add this onto your RECIPES TO TRY list.

Serves 6 sides or toppings

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Mushroom Veggie Pizza Topping

When I was young, we lived in an Italian neighborhood. Back then there were no raw items on the pizza. The mushrooms were canned and the onions and peppers sauteed. Years later when pizza became more of a fast food, the veggies were applied to the pizza raw. They also used a lot more oil. I still like to go back to the old way now and then. This topper recipe can be used on pizza or in subs, wraps, tacos, animal-free omelets, tofu scramble or over mashed potatoes!

Topper:  Sauteed Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms

We left the char out this time. Soft and flavorful is the goal. No added flavors except salt and pepper. Keep on hand to use in multiple dishes.

Makes 6 cups

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My Friends Restaurant

Well, they got rid of the Impossible Burger, but they still serve hummus, any way I like it.

A side of Greek olives, barbecue sauce and cucumber slices.

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Bar Italia Lakewood/Cle

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Brothers Lounge Reopens

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Dinerbar On Clifton

animal-free options don’t upset them

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Beefless Tips And Collards For Africa


The universe won’t hand over it’s plant-eating animals to satisfy the African flesh and blood lust.

Oh my God these collards are animal-free? No way!

Special recipe designed for Africa with a conscience – Africa forever in my soul! I didn’t have to eat you! Thank God for that!

Serves 6 with leftover rice

Make collard greens:

1 bunch fresh collard greens, wash well, trim edges of any brown spots, then cut out main vein of each collard and discard; boil a pot of water, cook collards about 10 minutes or till tooth-tender, drain, rinse under cold water, lay each leaf out flat, stack and cut crosswise into 1 inch wide strips – set aside

Marinade for Gardein Beefless Tips:

9 oz. pkg. froz. GARDEIN BEEFLESS Tips

1/2 c. white vinegar

2 T. Balsamic vinegar

2 t. garlic powder

1/4 t. dried thyme squeezed between fingers to grind

1/3 c. old fashioned or full flavor dark molasses – I used BRER RABBIT brand

2 T. light sesame oil

1 T. Worcestershire sauce

1/2 t. salt plus to taste

fresh grind black pepper to taste – sev. twists is good

1- Place all marinade ingredients plus BEEFLESS TIPS in large saucepan. Let set for a couple hours with no heat.

Cook pink rice:

3-1/2 c. water

2 c. Pink Rice by LOTUS FOODS – it looks more red than pink

1 t. salt

Place water, rice and salt in large saucepan. Stir. Bring to boil, reduce heat to low. Cover and cook 20 minutes according to the package. Mine took 40 minutes. Maybe twice the rice means twice the cooking time.

Stir every 10 minutes.

Turn heat off.


1/2 c. prepared yellow mustard

2 T. Balsamic vinegar

1/4 c. dark brown sugar

1 T. liquid smoke

2 t. garlic powder

salt and pepper to taste

2 T. extra virgin olive oil

Stir stir stir stir under up and over till equally dispersed.

The color should be uniform throughout. Set aside.

  • This is a meaty-textured rice; be sure to cook till each grain is tender throughout.

Next, cook fresh corn:

3 fresh ears of corn, boiled till tender, cooled at room temperature – stand each on end, cut from top to bottom between corn and cob to remove kernels – use large, sharp, broad knife – set aside

Other Ingredients:

14.5 oz. can Le Suerur Whole Green Beans, drained

15 oz. can BLACK TURTLE BEANS Michigan Made brand

1-2 t. garlic powder or to taste

2 T. extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

extra virgin olive oil for drizzle garnish

pickled orange rind sticks, garnish

fresh basil strips, garnish


1- In large pot combine beefless tips including the marinade and cooked collards. Stir to submerge the collards, then cook till hot and bubbly. Don’t overcook.

2- Add cooked corn, drained green beans and black turtle beans. Stir well.

3- Add garlic powder, olive oil, and salt and fresh grind black pepper to taste.

4- Cook till hot and bubbly. Adjust seasoning to your liking.

5- Reheat rice till very hot.

6- Spoon rice into individual serving bowls. Top with the beef, collards, corn and bean mixture including some broth/marinade.

7- If desired drizzle with extra-virgin olive oil and sprinkle with fresh grind black pepper.

8- Top each serving with PICKLED ORANGE RIND.

9- Top with fresh cut basil strips.

10- Serve.

Notes: This is real soul food. It feeds the soul. Black Africans eat the animal to consume the soul to obtain special powers. Not many humans have the special soul powers I do. And I consume no animals.

It’s a lie people tell themselves. They need the animal inside them in order to function optimally or supernaturally.

They snuff out the animal then eat it? How bizarre and perverse is that? The universe doesn’t like humans who kill for souls. To stay in sync with survival of animal life, the universe demands they eat plants – not live animals or animal meat grown in labs.

Losing the taste for flesh and blood is key. The whole world needs to be untrained from eating animals then retrained to not eat animals. Animal-free meals forever.

Don’t think that the mighty lion will not go extinct. It will. Raising them in captivity to prolong their existence by feeding them other animals will fail as it should.

The same will happen to humans. Those carnivorous groups or demographics who hold out the longest in converting to plants will be the first to go.

The universe won’t hand over it’s plant-eating animals to satisfy the African flesh and blood lust.

Oh my God these collards are animal-free? No way!

  • Change Vegan Friendly To Animal Friendly
    Change Vegan Friendly To Animal Friendly
  • Expect Some Respect
    Expect Some Respect
  • Crab Boil Tofu
    Crab Boil Tofu


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Peeling Whole Garlic Bulb

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Shredding Margarine Sticks

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Pecan Prune Carrot Cookies


I made two forms of cookie: one rustic, drop by teaspoon on the baking sheet, and the other more refined, rolled in palm then placed on the sheet. They both taste the same. If you want a bakery-style look, then roll them, if a homemade look, drop them. I varied baking times by 1 minute and achieved a crisper outer skin on the rustic style cookie, but once in the jar with a lid, all cookies soften. It’s a great cookie no matter how you form it!

These won’t last long!

Makes 10-1/4 dozen small cookies about 1-1/2 inch diameter

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Cooling To Room Temperature vs Warming To Room Temperature 

Cooling To Room Temperature vs Warming To room Temperature 

I’ve never been at ease with cooling down or more specifically removing from heat and letting cool to room temperature. Whatever you’re cooking, it doesn’t matter. If it’s on the burner it’s hot – very hot.

The term cooling to room temperature just wasn’t accurate – the cooling part. It didn’t fit.

Cool means cool – to me – even if the intent was relative to its present hot state.

As I pondered this questioned feeling a bit stoned, though I wasn’t, an alternative solution came to mind.

Since an item is already hot, cooling to me would require refrigeration, not exposure to room temperature, which is warm.

Remove the pudding from the heat and warm it down.

WARM IT DOWN. Or, remove from heat till warm – not cool. You’re not cooling it, you’re waiting till it’s less hot which means warm.


If you warm it up, you’re putting it on heat. If you’re cooling it down you’re putting it into the refrigerator.

Bring it to room temperature when you take it from refrigerator, means let it set on the counter.

Bring it to room temperature when you take it from the stove, means let it set on a rack on the counter.

But cool to room temperature? It doesn’t fit. I use it all the time and probably still will, or not, or maybe I’ll ease slowly into the accuracy of the words, rather than the commonly accepted terminology.

This was an exercise to make you think about what you’re doing or saying really means, in the culinary world. Is it accurate?

  • Change Vegan Friendly To Animal Friendly
    Change Vegan Friendly To Animal Friendly
  • Expect Some Respect
    Expect Some Respect
  • Crab Boil Tofu
    Crab Boil Tofu


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Curry Almond Dressing Sauce


Sweet, savory and tart. Creamy almond butter and almondmilk. Smoky, spice with a touch of heat! Served over an Original Indo-Japanese Coleslaw! Made to impress, not to redress!

Makes 3-3/4 cups

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Beef And Bean Macaroni


One of those simple comfort food dishes. Kicked up a bit just because we can! Beans A-F Beef Tomatoes Macaroni bring back memories of comfort!

Makes 8 cups beef and bean mix plus 8 servings macaroni

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TVP Crumble


Looking for a simple easy to make beef-style crumble that can also pass as a pork or turkey crumble? TVP is ready to impress! Lots of uses, so Use AWAY!

Makes 2 cups

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Stove-Top Scallop Potatoes And Apples



Potatoes, apples, almond milk and a few flavorings make this stove-top scallop potato and apple dish reach all the high notes! No accompaniments needed today!

Serves 6

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Maple Bourbon Tofu Cubes – GOAT


Life can be sweet, and so can tofu be elevated to haute cuisine status! Serve as appetizer or small plate! Yes, the Bourbon Barrel Aged Grade A Maple Syrup really does taste like bourbon. Good enough to drink. I’ll have a shot of the bourbon maple syrup with a fresh lemon squeeze please!

Serves 5

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Hot Diggity Sushi


Pickled carrot and ginger stuffed pan-fried veggie dogs. Laid on a bed of Barbecue Bean Paste on a sheet of roasted seaweed. Rolled and cut into disks. Served with a CREAMY ITALIAN ORANGE SAUCE!

Serves 4-8

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Sauerkraut Skillet Dish


Pan-fried mushrooms, shredded vacuum packed tofu and canned yams mixed with squeezed sauerkraut. Added herbs and spice make everything nice! Especially the chew!

  • This is a dry dish; if you want it wetter, then squeeze the sauerkraut less, okay?

Serves 6

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AFC BLEU Cheese And Beef Cream Sauce GOAT

AFC BLEU Cheese And Beef Cream Sauce GOAT

Gardein ground beef tastes better than beef. Team it up with plant blue cheese dressing plus plant blue cheese crumbles mixed with sweet red roasted peppers and you have yourself a GOAT RECIPE that’s actually simple to make! Add to that a heavy plant cream and you achieved the impossible!

Thank you God!

Serves 6

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Riced Cauliflower And Tofu Scramble


Use as hot breakfast egg and hash brown replacement dish. Or, spread on a rustic whole grain or Russian black bread sandwich. Or, hollow out and stuff tomatoes, large or small, and serve as appetizer (cocktail or cherry tomatoes) or as main dish salad (large tomato)!

Served with a savory animal-free sour cream and yogurt sauce!

Versatility is the key here. Enjoy the span of options.

Makes 4 cups

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Tofu Cheese And Egg Shreds

Tofu Cheese And Egg Shreds

Deconstructed is what some might call it. I call it tasty and texturally satisfying- like cheese and egg! Serve warm or cold! Serve on breakfast toast with a slice of breakfast sausage or as shown below.

Makes 5 servings

Vacuum packed tofu usually made for restaurants because they deep-fry better than non-vacuum packed tofu can be used in many ways.

One of those ways is it shreds nicely over large holes of a hand-held grater. Today we’re making shreds to top a salad, float in soups or roll up in a slice of bread spread lightly with margarine and ketchup (Steve used a soft dill rye and went back for another one).

“Wow this is good”, he said, “tastes like a fried egg and cheese sandwich only shredded!”

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Fresh Jewish Rye Bread Crumbs

Rye bread makes better fresh breadcrumbs because they’re drier and coarser in texture. No need to remove crusts.

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Pan-Fried Tofu Squares


Extra-firm tofu squares pan-fried in extra virgin olive oil seasoned with Black Himalayan salt, cocoa powder, garlic, black pepper and tarragon. Serve as appetizer, over salads, as the main dish protein or for breakfast as an egg substitute. Many uses – all tasty and satisfying! Easy to make!

Makes 4 servings

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Baba White Sauce For Pizza

RE: White Pizza Sauce

When white pizza sauce was first offered to the mainstream decades ago I automatically thought it meant white sauce as opposed to the traditional red sauce. Like the white sauce used in biscuits and gravy, that’s how my mind saw it.

Red or white sauce, they ask?

You have white sauce?

Yes we do.

Okay I’ll take that.

When the pizza comes out I say, where’s the white sauce? I also ordered spinach and Kalamata olives on it. No white sauce. The white sauce decades ago that remains unchanged today was oil and garlic.

Naively I thought that oil and garlic were two basic, traditional and required ingredients on every pizza. Not any more. Somebody way back when decided to call what used to come with the crust a sauce. They changed the rules so they could make more money for the oil and garlic. That’s sort of like charging you extra for breadsticks that have garlic oil drizzled on them.

As long as somebody is going to charge you for white sauce, they need to deliver a white sauce, not something to which they applied the name white knowing the brains of people would see white and cream, but be getting garlic and oil accompanied by an uptick in price.

This is it. Sharon’s Way!

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Do You Know Why PIZZA HOUSES Don’t Make Pizza On Bread?

Because it’s so good and so easy that you wouldn’t want to go out to a pizza house for it – you could make it yourself. How many times have you been disappointed with your yeast risen pizza??

I used to think the dough was everything, probably because the toppings were nothing to brag about. And let’s face it, most of the crusts I’ve had, and I’ve had a lot of them, were below par. When you bite into them the dough is half raw in the center, and the center is big.

But when it’s crispy, it’s always too crispy. For those missing a few teeth, ever try gumming a crispy pizza crust? It will rough you up.

The dough-makers make the making of dough a mystery – difficult to achieve a great one unless you have particular skills, particular flour and a high powered flame throwing oven to match.

So that’s what you pay for every time you order a yeast pizza – not the actual pizza, but the over-priced skills, flour, toppings and appliances.

Plus the fear factor. The pizza makers make people afraid to even try making their own. They might as well slap a huge neon sign on each delivery box that says: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

After all, who would pay a restaurant to smear some inferior sauce onto a slice of bread with some old veggies and nothing to brag about cheese?

The time factor is the biggest obstacle when making yeast pizza at home. It takes too long. Even when using a ball of dough from the bakery, it never turns out right, given the amount of time that goes into it. The answer? Bakery bread has already risen and baked, with a multitude of breads to choose from.

English muffins these days are not what they used to be. On the outside, they look the part, but inside they don’t resemble the English muffin to which I’m accustomed. NO NOOKS AND CRANNIES. What’s the matter with people? I’m beginning to wonder if the English muffin-makers today have never eaten a real English muffin.

They’re destroying the brand of what an English muffin is. It doesn’t matter that the English muffin was invented in the USA by a person of English ancestry and didn’t come directly from England. Didn’t England invent the crumpet? Close enough – holes and all. Now it has a USA counterpart. Hey, good idea. THE CRUMPET PIZZA. I want the NOOKS AND CRANNIES or holes will do. Where are they?

Those nook and cranny muffins used to make a decent pizza crust. The only problem that followed was the rest of it. Nobody knew anything about building a pizza on a bun. Flat tomato paste watered down straight from the can – no seasonings, no oil?? Topped with a piece of orange cheese? Remember those from school lunches? Everybody tried to do it on the cheap, and nobody liked the toppings.

BREAD IS BACK. With all this pandemic bread circulating that isn’t bakery-style fresh any more, why not make toast of it?

PIZZA TOAST. Animal-Free. Sharon Lee.


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Walking In A Rainbow

sweet white corn and summer tomatoes

Popsicle sticks writing in hot, sticky tar, on hot streets, on hot summer days.

Sitting on the curb with tanned shoulders bending to the ground by the weight of the sun.

Spider webs sparkling in the morning dew.

Cool, summer streams filling the air with rushing sounds of clear running water.

My dog licking the moisture from my eyes with her sand paper tongue.

Mesmerized by rainbows in water hoses.

Feeding my dogs sweet white corn and summer tomatoes.

Skipping to the song of my shoes against the sidewalk.

Sailing through the sky, soaring as if with wings, swinging to the freedom ring of my heart.

Lilacs smelling so sweetly in my room. Lilacs dying with sweet fragrance that I’ll never forget.

Raindrops pounding on the old metal awning in the night.

The smell of broken leaves as I walk.

Embracing cool, crisp, autumn days.

Crickets in the twilight.

The smell of sautéed celery on Thanksgiving morning.

Pictures, paintings and old photos.

The sound of crackling ice beneath my feet.

Sparkling lights dancing off the cold, shimmering ice dripping from the trees.

The smell of fresh pitch seeping from fresh cut Christmas trees.

Christmas tree lights. Sparkle days. “Oh come all ye faithful”.

A soft wind and fragrant, balmy air. Night blooming jasmine.

The fragrance of a Florida grapefruit in Florida.

The first glimpse, the first sound–of the ocean.

A million butterflies hovering over my body flapping their wings.

A light, gentle wind flickering, playfully against my cheek.

Pink neon.

The smell of new plastic.

Soft green oceans and purple morning skies in Mexico.

Blue skies in other lands look different.

Black Russian bread, in winter, in Russia.

White paper clouds hanging from the Toronto skies.

Fireworks in Waikiki on New Year’s Eve.

The pitter patter sound of dogs walking on linoleum.

Serious talks and drunken dances…Thunder storms in the night.

Till the beat of my heart and the path that I walk become one.

The rose still blooms; even when it’s fallen, it blooms from there.

Prejudice in Cleveland.

Magical walks down ancient tree-lined streets at dawn and dusk.

The making of an angel.

Sweet, sweet success–exhilarating success.

Reaching the top.

Walking in a rainbow.


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Standardized Viscosity

Standardized Viscosity

Ever notice how there’s only one basic consistency of pudding or mousse or gelatin, even gravy?

I don’t know who sets the standard, but it happens and for whatever reason everybody who sells pudding, mousse, gelatin, even gravy either copies one another or they settle into one viscosity level.

A cook assigned to make the soup for the next day where we frequent had Steve taste test a mushroom soup. It was outstanding. Not as thick as mushroom soup is these days for whatever reason, but excellent. More like soups back in the day – not too thick not too thin.

The cook who came in after he left, thickened it up more to her liking – to match the viscosity of HER SOUPS. The reason we know is that Steve ordered it the next day and it wasn’t the soup he taste tested.

Well, it didn’t take long for everybody to know that one cook tampered with another cook’s recipe. And everybody knew that the guy who came back the next day to order it wasn’t happy.

There’s no room for variation, which is disturbing since people really do like to try new things, new ways. At least that’s how we were as kids. The new bike on the block everybody ran to see it, wanted to drive it.

What happens along the way into adulthood and beyond? I guess some still like the new, others more often than not stay glued.

Why so much with food though? Fashions are fickle, coming and going with every new season. Colors, same thing. Fabrics, same thing. Cars, appliances, computers you name it, NEW is always IN.

But not so much with food. Sure, a new beer, a new snack, a new dessert or soup. But it doesn’t veer much from the old.

Resisting standardization in pursuit of experiences beyond the average or familiar or accepted standard, I experiment with different flavors, textures AND viscosities.

Sometimes the gravy’s thinner than usual, the sauce, thicker than usual. The same with pudding, mousse, gelatin.

Have you ever drank pudding? Pudding made thinner? It’s a different kind of experience, one that I happen to like. Not always, but sometimes.

How about extra-thick pudding that you could stand a spoon in it? Ever tried that?

Experiment. Bring that kid in you back to the kitchen.

I guarantee you’ll like it. Feel free.

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It’s Cheaper Than Mayonnaise


Use this luxury condiment in place of the traditional mayonnaise for coleslaw, potato salad, macaroni salad, or as a condiment on burgers, subs and other sandwiches. French fries and deep-fried or oven-roasted veggies too! The maple syrup isn’t used for flavoring purposes, but for it’s syrupy consistency! So Nice!! So easy and cheaper than mayonnaise!!

Makes 1-1/3 cups

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There’s no chicken in this gravy, no animal-free chicken either. Just broth that tastes and textures like plain chicken gravy absent the meat. In a taste test, this is the one you’ll choose as the real chicken gravy!

Makes 5-1/2 cups

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Rice Cream Soy Chicken Soup – GOAT


Delight Soy chicken nuggets transform into plump pieces of delight when cooked in this velvety rich faux chicken soup. Chicken never tasted so good! Made with a rice base called RICE CREAM adds of onion cooked till sweet, fresh green beans and fresh cilantro. A little fresh grind black pepper seals this deal forever GOAT.

Makes about 4 cups

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Smoky Tomato Corn Chowder

Smoky Tomato Corn Chowder

Yes, chowder made with macaroni instead of potatoes, and tomatoes too. White corn, peas, lima beans, roasted tomato and sweet red roasted pepper. Garlic, thyme, smoked paprika, liquid smoke – fresh basil too! Chowder it with FORAGER CASHEWMILK YOGURT and extra virgin olive oil! A Treat to be sure as is, but I went a bit further and added sliced veggie hot dogs.

Makes 29 cups

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