The Animal-Free Manifesto written as an historical document by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, The Animal-Free Chef

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Boom’s Pizza


What Is Slurry?


noun – a semiliquid mixture, typically of fine particles of manure, cement, or coal suspended in water.”clay slurry”

  • Just so you know, that’s not what we’re doing here – mixing cement or manure!!

What is slurry in cooking?

A slurry- is a combination of starch (usually cornstarch, flour, potato starch or arrowroot) and cold water which is mixed together and used to thicken a soup or sauce. If the starch is solely added directly to a hot liquid, the starch granules cannot disperse easily and clumps form. wordhippo

On AFC Campus websites we use liquid flour which is synonymous with slurry (a British term that many cooks use). Since discovering that, I use the two: liquid flour and slurry to mean the same.


Morning Star Veggie Dog Sandwich

Who says you have to eat a hot dog on a hot dog bun? What if you don’t have any? What if all the hot dog buns are pandemic-style stale? Well, then try the burger buns. Are they stale too? Not today is okay with me. Then burger buns it is!

Serves 6

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Beyond Sausage Straight Up Or On A Bun

Use Original or Sweet Italian, whichever you have on hand (beware the sweet is more hot than not).

Many times I forego the bun to limit the carbs. Sometimes I just want the A-F meat. Who says I have to have the bun with it? The slaughter industries who mix the barn with the garden that’s who. Am I going to take orders from torturers? Whaddya’ think?

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The Muze Fieldhouse Lakewood, Ohio 2nd visit

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The Muze Fieldhouse Lakewood, Ohio

We live three blocks from this huge, new, music, food, beverage and event venue, and never saw it melting into the neighborhood as the insides of a very old brick building saw a different light of day with each new layer of the remodel forming a personality suited to all who enter. Everywhere you look quality reaches out to impress. The comfort of the furniture alone is enough to entice repeat customers.

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Air Fry Toast Perfection

Although I didn’t buy this air fryer to make toast, once I tried it I put away my toaster for when I move to a better place, where it doesn’t set off the smoke detector every time I use it.

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The Weekend Is The Time To Experiment

The Weekend Is The Time To Experiment

Or any other time off is when you get to experiment with new ways – even if the old ways still work for you, never heard of an upgrade in service? Be your own service provider. Most public servants or servers don’t know you as well as you know yourself, so serve yourself.

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Grilling Sandwich With Mayo – Hell m-a-n-n-z

Mayo substitutes for margarine when grilling sandwiches?

Smoothes on easy – no bread tears from applying cold margarine to the bread before grilling it.

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Couscous Morouscous Salad



Rosemary, turmeric and cumin (or caraway) seasoned Israeli couscous mixed with shredded hard tofu, veggie dogs and cabbage. Raw onion and green pepper with lots of herbs and spice. Toss it all with a Red or Yellow Morouscous Sauce – Bleu cheese dressing and Umami Black Garlic Sauce being the surprises!

Makes 13 cups

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Sweet Pickle Cream

The delicious taste of a sweet bread & butter pickle in a cream – no pickles added, just the juice of that which you normally discard. Heaven in a toss-away!

Use as a substitute A-F mayo served cold, or a topping or dipping sauce – served warm. Or, dilute some of it with water and/or light vinegar to taste and blend till smooth to use as a salad dressing!

Makes about 3 cups

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Impossible Burger Back @ Tick Tock Tavern

First they had it, then they didn’t. Not enough sales they claimed. @ Tick Tock Tavern.

Then they got it in again. This time I was there. Actually, this Impossible burger tastes and textures more like the Burger King Burger.

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New Menu Vegan @ Brothers Lounge

Steve and I selected three of the new Vegan menu items at Brothers Lounge, the first being FRIED PLANTAINS.

We had no idea what to expect. I’ve never tasted a plantain, but heard they were denser than a banana with less of a banana flavor, more vegetable-like than fruit-like – more of a potato texture. Actually it was more of a cross between a potato and a banana, only denser with a more meaty chew than not.

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Gluten-Free Ricecrumbs

These might look like rice cereal, but they’re really the new and improved breadcrumb replacement!


Tired of the same old breadcrumbs made from bread? Want something with a little more crisp, a little more air, a little more stable? Try these easy delights wherever you use breadcrumbs. Don’t leave them out on the counter too long – you’ll be snacking on them!!

Makes 3 cups

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Crisp Ricecrumbs

Crisp Ricecrumbs

Unlike loose breadcrumbs, these ricecrumbs are more dense and ball up when processed with oil and garlic – a different but impressive texture change!

Crisp Ricecrumbs Makes about 1-1/2 cups

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Home Fries and JUST EGG Omlet


Perfect for restaurant fare. Holds up well.

You heard of putting chopped scrambled egg in fried rice? Well, as I was going to do that I noticed some diced potatoes in the pantry, so went with them instead.

Decided to use only salt, pepper and rosemary for seasoning and liked it well enough to add to the JUST EGG Collection.

Not everybody likes a lot of seasoning. This one’s for Y’all!

Makes 6 cups

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Promises Made For Keeping

God grant me the strength to fight through argument those who terrorize me and others, no matter who they be.

God grant me discipline in my everyday life, so that every day I may accomplish a new task that requires that discipline.

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The Perversion Of Food

The Perversity Of Food

What’s your lean? Where’s your marble?

Why does it always have to be Chicken Parmesan? All you can do is copy? 

Where’s your imagination? Somebody locked you into their culinary demands that never can be changed? What is this all about? Prey or pray tell? Mamma or government. Spread your culinary wings. Spread ‘em damn it. Who tells you not to experiment with plants? Not I, said the Animal-Free Chef. Well then go get ‘em. Knock their socks off not their blocks (heads in other words).

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Undressing A Bottle

Now this is the way to undress a bottle – perfect label remover. Some labels remove easily, most don’t.

I like to reuse my containers and why not, I paid for them. But label removable can be so difficult it’s not worth the time. Pick an edge and start peeling, just like that, easy as removing a dress.

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Mac And Cheeze Collards @ The Marriott&



Why serve collard greens as a side dish to mac and cheese? Why not put them together in one dish? Sounded good to me and tasted even better!

Boil the collards, make the sauce, boil the macaroni, then mix them together with vegan cheddar and fresh roma tomatoes in one dish. No need to bake this one. Stove-top tastes just as good, probably even better!

This is a reduced fat recipe, even with the olives.

Serves 6-8 Mains

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Boiled Mushrooms Plus Green Olive Topper

Boiled Mushrooms Plus Green Olive Topper

Top your favorite pasta and red sauce dish with these succulent animal-free morsels textured by nature to satisfy one’s appetite with plants and fungi – the perfect chew. 
From an evolution stance, to keep one from eating the young of unprotected species. To facilitate the thriving part of living. Designed by nature to live and let live.
Use as pizza and sub/grinder topper. Cut into smaller pieces when serving as a topper and in larger pieces when served as a side.

Serve as a main when armed with your perfect potato mash. 

Serves 6 sides 

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Lily’s Vegan Smoked Duck ala Sharon

Lily’s Vegan Duck ala Sharon

Does it taste and texture like animal duck? I never had animal duck, so dunno. Steve used to order Peking Duck whenever we went Chinese if it was on the menu. One thing I do know is it wasn’t gamey. Tender, delicious, seasoning appropriate for duck. Subtle, should please all tastes. Steve loved it! Buy it. I’m getting ready to re-order.

Serves 6

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Beyond Sausage Old-Style Spaghetti Sauce



Thin spaghetti topped with peppers and onion stewed tomato sauce seasoned with garlic, fennel, and Italian herb blend. Further flavored with plant parmesan cheese and white wine!

Topped with BEYOND MEAT Italian Sausage and Follow Your Heart plant parmesan!

Traditional old-style tastes and textures. And yes, the aromas filled the air!

Makes 10 cupssauce; feeds 6 with extra sauce

(Look for additional uses after the main recipe – an extra treat!)

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Sweet Mustard Hot Dog Ratatouille



Fresh cubes of eggplant, zucchini and yellow squash tossed with a special seasoning blend. Sweet red pepper, shaved onion, soaked sun-dried tomato strips with fresh ginger sticks and garlic add-ons. All marinated in a sweet sour celery dressing made from the tomato ginger garlic water!

Next stop, the skillet. Slow cooked in the natural juices till tender.Now comes the sweet and sour part followed by the sliced hot dogs, a little more time on the stove and it’s done!

Bold Perfection!Rich!

Makesapprox. 9 cups

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Fruit And Nut Crumble



You’ll find lots of uses for this fruit and nut crumble over the holidays and through the year. It’s a nutrient dense addition to just about any dish.Another great topper to enhance soup, salad, sandwich, hot cereal or toss with pasta, top the rice or gravy, or mix into your animal-free baked beans! And yes there’s more; it makes an elegant dessert mousse, chilled or frozen!

Makes 4 cups

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If Arby’s can make a hot dog/sausage look like a carrot, then The Animal-Free Chef can make a carrot look like a hot dog, but also taste and texture like a hot dog. Recall that Arby’s didn’t make a sausage taste and texture like a carrot. All they did was make a hot dog/sausage look like a carrot – even put a little parsley on top to look like carrot greens – a visual aid telling you that Arby’s meats are ‘green’. Clever.

Makes as many as you want

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Green Olive Chif (fon)


Basically we’re looking at an olive paste with liquid added, from the jar and the tap. A little sweet, a little smoke, black pepper and processed with my ole standby, guar gum – makes a beautiful thick!

Makes about 3 cups

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Want to serve your Guests Prime Meat? Go Beyond

AFC Macaroni At The Ritz


AFC Macaroni At The Ritz

Everybody loves macaroni and cheese. It’s an easy dish to do stove-top for hotel guests. Uptick it with some imagination and voila, a recipe for success!Present home-style in a bowl garnished with dill weed and shaker parm by Go Veggie, or fine dine the presentation by molding the mac, inverting it onto plate, garnish with Cornflake Walnut Crumbs and fresh sliced basil strips!

Makes 27 cups

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Cornflake Walnut Crumb Topping

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Air Frying Tater Tots

Steve bought tater tots a while back. Little did I know the first food I try on my new air fryer would be those.

Since most tater tots are crispy outside, and I’m the one with sensitive gums that have no back chewing teeth, I cooked half of them a shorter time, then crisped the other half up a bit more for Steve. Frankly Steve’s missing a few teeth too, so he liked the less crisp version as much as the crispier.

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High Protein Tofu Sandwich – summer is in the house!

High protein tofu planks pan-fried and seasoned. Served on thick, whole grain deli bread, spread with mustard-mayo mix to taste, piled with green leaf lettuce, fresh cut ripe tomato, shaved sweet onion. You can’t beat the fresh taste of a simple fresh veg sandwich. Add a high quality seasoned protein source and you double the pleasure! This super firm vacuum-packed WILDWOOD ORGANIC TOFU fits the sandwich like it was made for it!

Tonight we made two, which left us sufficiently full, happy and satisfied. It was like summer was in the house!

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Chef Sharon Buys A Chefman Air Fryer

@149.00$ plus tax and free shipping it was for my needs the best buy for the quality. There were so many to choose from on amazon.com, it took me a day to research it all.

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Transparency In Food Labeling

Why do companies hide animal ingredients under natural flavor label on products?

They don’t want other companies copying their product; they need some secret ingredients. Otherwise someone else will sell the same product.

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Wahlburgers adjacent to JACK CASINO – review

You can be sure I will not return. Vegan bun or not, which nobody knew what the bun contained anyway. I figured I’d eat it plain. Yes, vegans do go out to eat with friends at animal-eating and animal-serving establishments.

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Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential

I’m not trying to increase book sales of a dead person, but everyone who eats and drinks out should read Anthony Bourdain’s  KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL. 

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Change Vegan Friendly To Animal Friendly

To restaurants: Instead of writing vegan friendly on your menu selections, I suggest writing animal friendly – which excludes all animals and animal products.

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Expect Some Respect

There are no terms. Vegans don’t eat at restaurants serving animals – or so the Facebook Street claims.

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How does a juicy chew sound? I didn’t know until I ad-libbed this rice one morning wanting something other than plain for a change of pace. Was I ever surprised. RICE? JUICY ON THE CHEW? You betcha’ and loving it all the way till gone!!

Rice? Why make rice like everybody else? Don’t you think your restaurant patrons want in on this? YES. Of course they do! What’s the matter with you; it’s cheap, so don’t inflate the price just because it’s JUICY ON THE CHEW, okay? And keep it animal-free, which means no subbing in animal broth for the water – THAT’S AN ORDER from the TOP CHEF.

Makes 7-1/2 cups

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Crab Boil Tofu


You know the spice blend that restaurants use to cook shell fish primarily? Well, why not do the same with tofu? Opening the bag and pouring some of it into the water nearly choked me. Big reaction. Guess I breathed some of it in. Use CAUTION when using Crab Boil Spice. Otherwise it flavors great.

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