I don’t dumb down recipes. Everybody does it in order to make the recipe sound as simple as possible. If I did it, I’d be defeating the purpose of teaching you the correct way, or at least the way I did it.

Dumbing down a recipe leaves too much open for interpretation – too many questions you may have that go unanswered.

Take one recipe and have five different people make it, and they’ll all turn out differently. I know that in advance, so I try to take the guess work out of replicating a recipe.

Even though I give detailed instruction, some will not follow the instruction as presented, resulting in a different end product. That’s not on me.

As you become more proficient in replicating recipes, you can dumb them down yourself. When you do, you’ll discover what steps can be eliminated or not.

If a kitchen manager tries a recipe, likes it, and wants to give it to his/her cooks/chefs, then that manager can write it in a simpler way for them to follow.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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