The most impressive animal-free sushi I ever had!

That’s not real fish in the photo. It’s animal-free fish. Couldn’t tell you what kind, but it tasted fine. Everything so fresh. No pandemic blues here! Just another day at SAKANA SUSHI FUSION LOUNGE!

Fried Cauliflower with chili sauce!

They said it was vegan; that spells animal-free to me! Not as much flavor as I wanted. The chili sauce stole the show, when it shouldn’t have. Fresh and crisp made the difference!

The egg rolls were Steve’s. There’s something about those wrappers that looks not real. Picturesque for sure!

Next time maybe they’ll have an animal-free version.

We ordered two tofu dishes.

Although they were adequate, I like to see larger pieces of tofu and more of it. I think the Chinese fusion aspect didn’t work so well here.

Too many green onions in one and too much broccoli in the other. Neither sauce was distinct.

I never eat the rice.

I left satisfied and happy for the experience.

I’ll go back for the animal-free sushi for sure! To date, I’ve not seen nor experienced anything like it! BRAVO.


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