AFC Toasted Cheese Sandwich


Makes 1 or more

“That was a toasted cheese sandwich I just made you.”

I know.

It was not a grilled cheese sandwich. There’s a difference.

Did you see the extra virgin olive oil I put on one side?

I did. Nice.

So you think that was a grilled cheese sandwich?


It wasn’t. I toasted the bread in the toaster, then heated the cheese and the bologna in the skillet. Did you know that?

No I didn’t. I thought it was a grilled cheese sandwich.

That I cooked in a skillet.


That’s what makes me so good – that I can make a grilled cheese sandwich out of toast and nobody would know. Not even you.

You’re right. I loved it.

Looks like a grilled club sandwich.

Steve tells Lilly, Mama made a grilled cheese club sandwich. He looked at me and said, you sure know how to make a sandwich.

That’s what he and a lot of other people at Village Mart used to say, “you sure know how to make a sandwich”, as they walked out the door looking at the sandwich in their hands.

Animal-Free cheeses don’t always melt easily on a sandwich. Bringing the cheese to room temperature helps.

If you’re thinking of reducing the fat, then consider the amount of margarine or oil used in the pan to fry each side sufficiently.

Now you can toast the bread in the toaster, pan-fry the cheese between two pieces of Tofurky bologna in just a little oil, then pan-fry tomato slices till warm, not mush.

1- 2 slices lightly toasted thick white bread or Texas toast

2- Plant mayo on one toast topped with pan-fried sliced tomato and fresh grind black pepper.

3- Prepared yellow mustard spread on second toast topped with heated Follow Your Heart Smoked Gouda slice between 2 slices Tofurky bologna till cheese melts in small skillet.

4- Close sandwich, drizzle with just a little oil on both toasts on the top sides.

5- Close, cut in half serve.

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