Hominy Meat Tortilla Wraps

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Flour tortillas filled with HOMINY MEAT, tomatoes and green chilies plus celery, wrapped and pan-fried till golden, cut in half and ladled with TOMATO CORN SAUCE. Topped with tomatoes and green chilies with a sprinkling of fine dice celery!

Makes as many as you want

AFSC ClipBoard: HOMINY MEAT TORTILLA WRAPS with the TOMATO CORN SAUCE plus garnishments have a decidedly Mexican flavor

8 inch flour tortillas

Hominy Meat Prepare as directed

Tomato Corn Sauce Prepare as directed

fine dice celery


Per Serving:

1- Heat dry skillet over medium-low heat till hot.

2- Place tortilla in skillet for a couple minutes till warm, not crispy.

3- Flip tortilla over till warm. Remove and immediately use while warm and pliable.

4- Place 1/3 c. HOMINY MEAT along center of tortilla.

5- Top with about 1 Tablespoon TOMATOES & GREEN CHILIES.

6- Top with a sprinkle of diced celery.

7- Lift tortilla edge closest to you, up and over contents, pushing contents toward you while tucking the wrap under the contents, then  roll.

8- Heat skillet with about 1 Tablespoon extra virgin olive oil.

9- Place tortilla wrap flap side down and cook a couple minutes till golden.

  • Don’t leave the skillet unattended.

10- Carefully flip it over  to lightly golden the opposite side. Remove from skillet and place on board.

11- Using sharp, broad knife, carefully cut tortilla wrap in half across the middle.

12- Spoon a couple Tablespoons of TOMATO CORN SAUCE onto plate and smooth it with the back of a spoon into a larger circle where you’ll place the tortilla wrap halves. 

13- Place the tortilla wrap halves onto sauce, plating beside each other.

14- Top with approximately 1/4 cup TOMATO CORN SAUCE.

15- Top the sauce with about 3 Tablespoons TOMATOES & GREEN CHILIES, then sprinkle with some celery cubes.

16- Serve. Eat with knife and fork.

Notes: Chopped celery garnish adds the perfect crunch for these tortilla wraps.

TOMATO CORN SAUCE https://animal-freesous-chef.com/2020/02/23/afc-tomato-cheese-corn-sauce/

HOMINY MEAT https://animal-freesous-chef.com/2020/02/23/white-hominy-meat/

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