That’s right. We face north a couple blocks from the Lake with no direct sunlight – rising, setting or in between.

For a few years now I couldn’t grow a thing in this apartment. I surmised it was due to the massive pest control treatments conducted throughout the building over a long period of time.

Even fresh flowers, when brought into our living space, died within a day.

Recently I purchased two air purifying systems, so thought I’d give the window garden another go, since Steve bought three plants in one pot on sale because they looked like they weren’t long for this world. On sale – hmm probably Sharon could bring them back to life.

I had a few pots from years past, so transplanted the 3 in1 herbs to new pots and new soil – only after waiting two days, so the plants could adjust to a new growing space.

I don’t know, it’s looking a little iffy right now, but I can tell they’re trying to survive.

A couple days later he grabs another two plants again on sale someplace else. One tomato and one green pepper. I never grew a tomato or pepper plant in a pot. This will be a first. He also bought a packet of basil seeds. Maybe I’ll spread them along the train fence. I’m out of dirt and I don’t feel like buying any more.


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