Every Day Is The Only Way

GROOMING 101 – Keeping The Food Safe Starts With Your Own Personal Cleanliness Some of the filthiest shoes I’ve seen are worn by chefs, cooks and other kitchen staff. The first runners-up are nurses and hospital staff. In the two places where clean shoes should be a high priority, they’re at the bottom of theContinue reading “Every Day Is The Only Way”

Restaurant Review Criteria

Pictures is how I do the review. Pictures of the food I order, eat and like. If I don’t like it, I don’t post it. Animal-Free is the primary non-negotiable criterion. Service is not what I review. If a restaurant is so dirty that I can’t stand the smell of it, I’ll walk out asContinue reading “Restaurant Review Criteria”


Since there’s a lot of negativity directed at people who don’t eat animals, it’s in the interest of the animal chefs, who have to design restaurant menus that include animal-free (vegan) options for these folks, to grasp the reasons behind their commitment. Viewing this well-made and respected documentary (Earthlings) helps the animal chef understand the decisionContinue reading “TO ANIMAL CHEFS re: MENU PLANNING FOR VEGANS”