A Fruit Is A What?

Who does this? Who calls a fetus a fruit? And why? Guilty people confusing the apple with the animal, so they can eat both. If a fetus is a fruit in the womb, then a baby grown to an adult is a fruit outside the womb. A fruit doesn’t change being a fruit when itContinue reading “A Fruit Is A What?”

AFC Persimmon Tonic Water Dressing

AFC PERSIMMON TONIC WATER DRESSING © A simple, creamy, light, rich, persimmon salad dressing with the uncanny ability to make all the ingredients in your salad shine – a blessing. For special occasions when you are out to IMPRESS! Oh, and the surprise ingredient? Diet Tonic Water. Wow. It works. Perfect for fruit salads! MakesContinue reading “AFC Persimmon Tonic Water Dressing”