A Fruit Is A What?

Who does this? Who calls a fetus a fruit? And why? Guilty people confusing the apple with the animal, so they can eat both. If a fetus is a fruit in the womb, then a baby grown to an adult is a fruit outside the womb. A fruit doesn't change being a fruit when it... Continue Reading →


Salmonella and Milk In The Wine

Did you know that many wine companies use egg whites and/or potassium caseinate (an animal milk protein) to purify their wines? They discovered years ago that unwanted particles in the wine would stick to these substances when added to the wine, making the removal of them easier, leaving a pure and clarified product. You probably... Continue Reading →

Arrogant Animal Chefs Show Their Ignorance When Talking Vegan

A Food Network cooking show called Chopped presents four competing chefs with three different mystery baskets of ingredients for them to prepare an appetizer, entrée and dessert respectively in a designated amount of time. Today, on the episode I watched, one of the mystery ingredients for the appetizer was vegan hot dogs. Amanda Freitag, one... Continue Reading →

2017 Window Garden At Rose’s Castle

No direct sun, with us being on the sunless side of the building, but we have a lake view which makes up for it. Regardless, herbs still grow in absent of direct sunlight.  




~ Chef Davies-Tight, at your service


Northeast Ohio...and elsewhere.  


From Chef Davies-Tight: The folks over at Penzeys Spices sent me this email today 23 July 2016. It's an interesting slant on cooks. Give it a read. WHY WE COOK. Five years ago today the world lost a great talent, a great mind, and a great heart in the passing of musician Amy Winehouse at the... Continue Reading →

BOYCOTT AND BANISH MICHAEL SYMON for crimes against animals

Previously: Michael Symon, Iron Chef, Bans Donald Trump From All His Restaurants For Being 'creepy'. Michael Symon is a disgrace to the animal race. MICHAEL SYMON is a mass murderer of other species. MICHAEL SYMON is a serial offender of innocent, defenseless animals trying to coexist within the Animal Kingdom. I wonder, given his penchant... Continue Reading →

Are cast iron pans unsafe? 

by KamalPatel  Jun 8, 2016 For well over a thousand years, cast iron has been used as a reliable cooking surface. Actually, it's been used since the appropriately named “Iron Age”, roughly 2500 years ago.Fast forward a couple millennia, and we’ve been thrust into the “Spend all day on the Internet Age”. People are starting to question... Continue Reading →


To serve vegans and vegetarians it's best to offer delicious animal-free recipes that both will enjoy, in addition to the meat-eaters who want to try something different but spectacular. Everybody likes to try something new. You need an animal-free offering in each of your animal categories. If you serve appetizer, soup, salad, main dish, dessert,... Continue Reading →


GROWING INDUSTRY Increasing consumer demand for plant-based foods is driving unprecedented growth in our industry. EXAMPLES INCLUDE: 36% of consumers buy plant-based meats, according to Mintel ». 26% of consumers say they ate less animal meat in the past 12 months, according to Nutrition Business Journal ». U.S. sales of plant-based meats were $553 million... Continue Reading →

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