Beyond Sausage Straight Up Or On A Bun

Use Original or Sweet Italian, whichever you have on hand (beware the sweet is more hot than not).

Many times I forego the bun to limit the carbs. Sometimes I just want the A-F meat. Who says I have to have the bun with it? The slaughter industries who mix the barn with the garden that’s who. Am I going to take orders from torturers? Whaddya’ think?

1- 1 pkg. BEYOND SAUSAGE LINKS, thawed, pan-fried in about 1 Tablespoon oil over medium-low heat, rolling as needed to cook all sides. When done to your liking, remove from skillet to plate.

  • Although I usually use oil to fry, this time I used a new product (new for me) called Vegetable Ghee by Asool.

2- 1 med. onion diced, then pan-fried in the liquid from the cooked sausage. Salt and pepper to taste. Cook on medium-low heat till soft and all liquid evaporates, except a little.

3- Now return sausage links to pan to reheat till very hot throughout.

  • Beyond Sausage emits a fair amount of liquid in the pan as it cooks. Why waste it?

4- Plate the sausage on individual plates.

5- Top with caramelized onion.

6- Drizzle with ketchup, then mustard.


Now if you want the bun, then that’s your right too. Just be sure to read the labels – labels tell you who puts the barn in the bun – where you can’t see or taste it, so you don’t know unless it’s on the label. Okay? So read.


pan-fried Beyond Sausage

caramelized onion in sausage drippings

mustard and ketchup

diced celery, onion and sweet red pepper

Brownberry Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins

fresh cilantro

1- Today we went fancy. Start with a whole wheat thin sandwich bun.

2- On one half of the bun drizzle ketchup and mustard.

3- Cut a sausage in half around the equator on the diagonal, then from end to end in half. Place 3 pieces on top of the ketchup and mustard.

4- Top the sausage with a thick sprig of fresh cilantro.

5- On the 2nd half of the bun, spread with caramelized onion from sausage dripping sausage drippings. Now top with chopped celery, chopped onion and chopped sweet red pepper.

6- Close and serve.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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