Grilling Sandwich With Mayo – Hell m-a-n-n-z

Mayo substitutes for margarine when grilling sandwiches?

Smoothes on easy – no bread tears from applying cold margarine to the bread before grilling it.

Garnish with cut rectangles from a bigger pickle, then stack and toothpick = stacked pickle cuts.

Bring cheese to room temperature before grilling sandwich.

Spread mustard thinly on one bread and mayo on the other bread. I used 2 plant-based smoked gouda slices, a slice of lightly pan-fried animal-free bologna and fresh, slice tomato heated in the fry pan and removed immediately to keep its shape; fresh grind pepper the tomato slice.

Close sandwich, smear top evenly with mayo, cook on mayo side down slowly, evenly to soften cheese. When golden to your likes on the bottom, smear top with mayo, then turn over and cook that side till golden and/or charred as you like.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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