One of the animal-free dishes I often order at MY FRIENDS RESTAURANT is hummus. Plain hummus topped with Kalamata olives served with warmed flatbread triangles. Eh, you’ve had one you’ve had them all, always the same wherever I go.

Lately I’ve been substituting cucumber slices for the bread, trying to cut back on carbs. Although I like the cukes better than the bread I got tired of the same ol’hummus with the cukes.

Today when I ordered hummus I also ordered a side of barbecue sauce and Poupon Dijon mustard.

I ran out of olives half way through so asked for more. Don’t know if I paid for them, because they don’t give an itemized receipt. Now that I mention it, how do I know if I’ve been charged the right amount for anything?

Convenience stores do that same thing. I never know what anything costs because the price isn’t on the item and the receipt doesn’t itemize.

I know how messy this meal looks, but I didn’t think to take a picture till i realized how good it was.

I put a tablespoon of barbecue sauce in one corner, a tablespoon of mustard in another, then a tablespoon of both in another. Then I whipped them into the hummus in their respective corners and started dipping.

Yow, what a difference a couple condiments make. I feel like making an entire line of flavored hummus after eating this. I think I will. Why keep it Greek? Integrate is what I always say.

I have a huge can of chick peas to start off the journey into ANYTHING BUT GREEK HUMMUS™. That’s going to be my brand name. Sorry Greeks, but you took up that space far too long without any creativity or diversity through all these decades.

Now I’ll have a go at it. See what I come up with. Guess I already have two started. Barbecue and mustard.

Oh, and BUD LIGHT is my new favorite beer.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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