Apartment living is tough enough, but when you use your living space as your work space plus you’re a home chef, making room for even the necessities becomes a challenge.

I solved my lack of space for pots and skillets by buying a wooden stool and large nails with large heads. Then I pounded them in at an angle so the handles wouldn’t slip off and there it is. Standing right in front of the pantry where I can still access the pantry without moving the BUTLER.

I then put a skid proof mat on top of the stool where I pile my stainless and plastic bowls.

The very top is a small cake pan that I inserted a screw into and drove it into a cork to be used as a lid-to-skillet cover for melting cheese on animal-free burgers in a skillet, that fits down into the skillet.

The black cover used to keep dust from the bowls is a base that I had an exercise ball setting on that I no longer used.

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