Maybe you guessed it, maybe you didn’t.

Due to the CC Virus that we’re told is going to be with us for a while, and given that eating out or going to wine bars and taverns doesn’t have the same appeal it once did, we needed a new plan.

There are so many people sensitive to viral concerns and then so many who act recklessly with mask and distancing inadvertently thus adversely affecting our enjoyment of dining and drinking out.

So these days, we’re not eating out much, in fact, we may have stopped altogether. If we keep going out, then the odds increase of contacting this bug, and we’re in the underlying age condition group that gets hit the hardest, which makes us wary the longer this continues.

Honestly, I like to support the neighborhood, but being animal-free there isn’t a lot out there for me. Food isn’t the draw. Being around people is what I like, but with everybody suspicious of everybody else, it’s more of an effort than the relaxing, fun time it was once upon a time.

Some establishments are more lax than others. Some gouge, some hold the product too long, liquor is being diluted. Who knows with what.

To skip the hassle, we’re skipping dining and drinking out.

What to do? I already have a kitchen and a chef, me. Who wouldn’t go for 5 Stars every night, rather than green beans or tater tots?

We didn’t have a bar though. So I made one. Top shelf. With lots of water too. Steve previously bought a few cases of San Pellegrino and we nearly finished them.

So, my restaurant and bar are now in the house! Cheers!


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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