Looking back on it, I doubt that I ever used an entire bunch of celery once stored in the refrigerator. The reasons being that it was too far toward the back and partially froze, or the water evaporated from the container and the celery went limp, or it just didn’t look good enough to use after a while.

Problem recently solved.

Before, I’d cut off the bottom, cut off the tops, wash the stalks and then place them in a tall upright container with water in the bottom, much like a vase of flowers. Then I’d refrigerate it.

Now what I do is basically the same thing, but I purchase the celery in a long plastic bag with holes in it. I fit a container to the circumference of the bag, put the celery stalks in water in the container. Then I slide the bag it came in down over the tops and stalks and container – about halfway down the container so it’s a tight fit.

I poke a hole in the top – not too big, just big enough to slide a stalk out when I need it.

I then of course refrigerate it.

So far, so good. It must have needed a cover with holes in it and not be exposed to so much air in the refrigerator.

It’s lovely to use now. When I want celery, I take a stalk, close the poked hole up a bit and return it to the refrigerator. It’s remarkable how much longer it lasts. Who would think?