RICED CAULIFLOWER can be purchased in some grocery outlets fresh or frozen. Or you can make your own from fresh, by breaking the buds apart and processing them in a food processor till evenly riced (mealy). Of course you still have to cook them and even if you don’t, such as when added to a salad, the texture of the fresh uncooked version isn’t all that pleasant.

I discovered when I wanted some for a soup that all I had to do was thaw frozen cauliflower, cut it in smaller chunks and process the entire bag till the ricing effect was achieved.

It takes little time and the texture of the thawed frozen is as desirable as the cooked riced cauliflower – the chew is springy, tender and somewhat glutinous, which are all the features of cauliflower that we like so much. It’s a little like eating barely cooked large shrimp in texture.

Yeah, so go ahead, rice away the easy way, using thawed frozen cauliflower.