Make A Veggie Dog More Healthy


Okay, let’s do it.

Make the veggie dog more healthy while at the same time up-ticking the price by making it gourmet-style, downtown-style, country-club accessible. But it needs to be worth it to justify the price. This is – if done as instructed.

You can use any veggie dog or sausage you want.

Any bun you want as long as it fits the ingredients.

Animal-free and good taste and texture of course.

Apply the relish and or veg mayonniase to the inside of the bun. I like both.

Cradle a lettuce leaf onto the bun. I used hearts of romaine.

Squirt some mustard onto the leaf.

Lay that steamed or pan-fried veggie hot dog into the cradle.

Top with sliced or chopped red onion, diced sweet fresh red pepper, vegan parmesan cheese.

I used Follow Your Heart Parmesan Cheese.


You know it and I know it. That is some grandiosity of a mean clean veggie making machine of a hot dog. On a bun.