Veggie Pot Beans Knife And Fork Sandwiches

Baked beans aren’t just for service as main or side dish. They make good sandwiches too. Make your own baked beans or use canned. I made a deluxe knife and fork sandwich using a recent VEGGIE POT BEANS recipe I developed. Over the top. It sure was good though.

To start you have to have the beans which I had. Here they are:


A hearty pot of baked beans and veggies. Smoky, sweet, salty, spicy, acidic. Textured with reconstituted vegetable protein to increase nutritional content and uptick the chew factor. You don’t need ground pork or bacon with these beans. The textured vegetable protein sauteed with seasonings create the chew and flavor you expect!

Makes 23 cups


Per Sandwich:

> Use an English muffin or a Thomas’ Nooks and Crannies Bagels (it’s essentially a larger, lighter bagel style English muffin), lightly toasted and spread with margarine.

> nut butter; I used fresh ground almond butter here

> spicy brown mustard mixed with a little light-colored vinegar till smooth to make a saucy texture

> Veggie hot dogs, sliced in half from end to end, then in half crosswise, pan-fried in a little oil till hot – I used LIGHTLIFE JUMBO SMART DOGS

> LIGHTLIFE meatless SMART BACON, thawed and pan-fried according to package instructions in a little oil, followed by a little maple syrup, being careful not to cook too long, otherwise it will stiffen beyond use

> lettuce leaf (I used hearts of romaine

> sliced ripe tomato

> 3-4 sweet or dill pickle chips (your preference)

> slice of room temperature veggie cheese (I used Tofutti mozzarella)

> fresh parsley garnish

Make beans and heat till very hot.

Spoon a little bean mixture on center of serving plate to hold the toasted muffin in place.

Place 1 toasted muffin half on top of bean mixture.

Spread evenly with a little nut butter

Top with 3 meatless hot dog pieces and drizzle with a little more mustard sauce.

Drizzle liberally with a little mustard sauce.

Top with lettuce.

Top lettuce with cooked bacon.

Top with pickle.

Top bacon liberally with hot bean mixture.

Top with tomato slice.

Top with slice of veggie cheese softened at room temperature.

(Optional) Broiled in desired for a couple minutes without wilting everything else.

Drizzle with additional mustard sauce.

Garnish with fresh parsley.

Serve. Eat with knife and fork.

Notes: Wow this was extravagant, but oh so nice.




Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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