Making Orange Rind Matchsticks


The next time you peel an orange to eat, save the peel, especially if it’s a thick peel. Why waste all that flavor when you can prepare it to use as a condiment/seasoning/flavoring in many dishes.

All it involves is removing the pithe (white part of the orange peel) from the inside of the peel.

1- Cut the peel into large segments.

2- Flatten them out on the counter with the palm of your hand, orange peel side down.

3- Using a large, sharp, broad knife, run the knife between the white and orange part using a sideways sawing motion, repeatedly till all the white (or most of it) is removed from the orange part.

4- What remains are orange skins that feel somewhat like leather. Wash the peels well to remove any pesticides.

5- Stack a few at a time, then cut from end to end into tiny sticks.Ffluff to separate, then place in shallow bowl on plate, spreading them out to dry. Two or three days works. Keep at room temperature till you’re sure all moisture is gone, then pack in covered jar at room temperature to use as needed.

6- You can also make shorter skinnier sticks, or small squares, following the same method.

You can also grate/shred the orange peel right off the orange, while leaving the pith on the orange. Do a fine grate or large shred. Use fresh or dry and store as you do the sticks.

The point is to have orange peel when you want it and not only when you have fresh oranges on hand. You also save some money doing it.

One of the uses we like is in soups and chilis. Cook in the soup till it softens.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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