Eating Animal-Free In A Chinese Restaurant





Softening Up Non-Dairy Ice-Cream

My freezer temperature has only one setting that has no bearing on anything else. If the refrigerator is plugged in, no matter the setting for the refrigerator part, the freezer acts the same way - like a blast of cold arctic air. We never have to worry about waiting for ice. It's not just that... Continue Reading →

Soft-Fri Saffron Potatoes And Corn – two way

SOFT-FRI SAFFRON POTATOES AND CORN - two way For restaurants with leftover baked potatoes  - or home chefs who want to uptick your skillet potatoes - try this version of home fries and/or potato salad. It works great! Makes 9 cups Bake potatoes: 2-1/2 lbs. russet potatoes - the kind you find in the grocery... Continue Reading →

Animal-Free Sous-Chef Reaches New High For Photo Views

On Google Maps Sharon Lee Davies-Tight reaches new high of over 500,000 views of her EATING OUT ANIMAL-FREE photos. CHECK THEM OUT RIGHT HERE:  

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