Whip Topping, how to make

To date, Rich’s is the only company I’m aware of that sells dairy-free soy-based liquid that can be whipped into the equivalent of dairy whipped cream. Check out their website to see where you can purchase it. It’s sold frozen, so look in the frozen foods department of your grocery store.

All you do is thaw it first. If you’re in a hurry and it’s frozen, then plug the sink, fill it with hot tap water and place the container in the water, turning every few minutes till it’s thawed. It doesn’t take long.

Pour it into a deep bowl and whip with beaters or a whisk. I’ve done both on many occasions and the beaters work faster.

Then use as directed in your recipe.

If desired, use a vanilla or other flavored extract. Or just use plain if adding to savory recipes.

It’s a great product, which I use every now and then for a special whipped cream effect in desserts and savory recipes. Two teaspoons of liquid or two tablespoons of whipped equals 25 calories – not bad eh?


By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer, chef

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