Arrogant Animal Chefs Show Their Ignorance When Talking Vegan

A Food Network cooking show called Chopped presents four competing chefs with three different mystery baskets of ingredients for them to prepare an appetizer, entrée and dessert respectively in a designated amount of time.

Today, on the episode I watched, one of the mystery ingredients for the appetizer was vegan hot dogs.

Amanda Freitag, one of the judges who has competed for Iron Chef, informed the world that the only reason vegans eat vegan hot dogs was so they wouldn’t feel left out at a barbecue. She also claimed that they don’t have much flavor.

Chris Santos piped in that he’d fry them up in bacon to give them more flavor.

Bacon was also a mystery ingredient.

I noted that when one of the competing chefs opened the package of vegan hot dogs, the package was intentionally placed label side down, so no one watching the show could see the brand. Food Network is not against showing brands, since Bobby Flay (another T.V. chef) on one of the previous shows used Lipton Ice Tea as a surprise ingredient in that show.

This is a vegan problem that Food Network is obviously having, and true to form of the slaughter industries, supported by the government, chose to force four chefs to pair the vegan product with bacon and then forced the judges to bad mouth the vegan hot dogs as an assault against all people vegan.

A good chef should have been able to take that easy to work with vegan hot dog ingredient and transform it into something spectacular.

Even the moderator of the show Ted Allen referred to the mystery ingredient vegan hot dogs as “that obnoxious ingredient”. These are all chefs and/or food experts, who clearly know nothing about vegan foods or preparing any food absent any animal products. How easy is that? There’s really no challenge to cooking with animals.

Frankly I was surprised at their ignorance. Their arrogance about their knowledge of food is what tricked me into thinking they were more knowledgeable than they actually are.

In the past, Food Network has presented high quality ingredients. Since I don’t know the brand of vegan hot dog they used – and there are many – chances are they selected one that needed more flavor and handling – like most animal meats do.

The fact that they ignored the morality of the animal rights issue by trying to mix animal meat with plant meat by transforming both in the same dish, shows their insensitivity to the animals they enslave, torture and slaughter for nothing more than their own perverse pleasure.

They often speak about respecting the ingredients they work with in creating their dishes. Yet not one of them respected the plant meat ingredient. Transforming the ingredient is key to the show, yet they expected it to stand on its own.

And please don’t think that after you enslave, torture and slaughter an animal, that you owe him/her respect by tearing it from limb to limb and cooking it for someone to perversely savor.

Would you want to be enslaved, tortured and slaughtered to please somebody else’s palate? Or offer your children up for the same experience of pleasing somebody else, so your child can get respect in somebody’s stomach?

The show was a disaster. Next time come more prepared. If you’re going to call yourselves chefs and food experts then act the part. Animal-free foods, food preparation and cooking is here to stay. You all need to catch up.

The following are the offending so-called food experts:

From left to right: Amanda Freitag, Chris Santos, Ted Allen



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