Okay, it's that time of week again. Our day off. I stuck with the juicing. I'm not quite organized with it, and I'm not even sure if I want to be so structured that I begin to resent it. Let me just say that I'm juicing, not every day, but close. We don't always have … Continue reading STRAWBERRY MIMOSAS



Alright, this is a tough one. Juicing ginger. First I peel, then I don't, it doesn't seem to matter. You need to start with plump ginger. Just because ginger is a root, doesn't mean that it's suppose to be dry. Ginger root, unless it's too old, is not dry; it's wet. It's juicy. However, because … Continue reading JUICING GINGER


If you don't wash your oranges and lemons before zesting them, and by wash I mean a thorough rub under running water, then you're feeding your customers poisons through pesticides. Nobody wants neurotoxins served up on their savory and sweet dishes.  


SHARON'S ORANGE TEA Vodka, Marsala wine and champagne over ice with fresh squeezed orange juice. Skewered with fresh lime and pitted sweet red Bing cherries! Cheers! Makes 1 For each Sharon's Orange Tea: tall glass with ice cubes 1 shot vodka 1 shot Marsala wine 3 shots fresh squeezed orange juice, strained to remove pulp … Continue reading SHARON’S ORANGE TEA


BLOODY SHARONS After a long day on our Saturday which is really Monday, we woke up on Tuesday, which is really our Sunday not wanting to leave the house! So we hunkered down, binged on a Narco series on Netflix and sipped on Bloody Sharons! Cheers! Serves 2 Decided to go the healthy route with … Continue reading BLOODY SHARONS

Are cast iron pans unsafe? 

by KamalPatel  Jun 8, 2016 For well over a thousand years, cast iron has been used as a reliable cooking surface. Actually, it's been used since the appropriately named “Iron Age”, roughly 2500 years ago.Fast forward a couple millennia, and we’ve been thrust into the “Spend all day on the Internet Age”. People are starting to question … Continue reading Are cast iron pans unsafe? 


MOSCATO GRAPE SAUCE from SECRET ASIAN WOMAN Sauce Collection Use to sauce veggies and veg meats. Also makes an elegant salad dressing for greens, fruit and veggies! Makes 3-1/4 cups 1 lb. sweet red seedless grapes, about 2-1/2 c. 2 c. water 1/3 c. sugar 1/2 t. sea salt 1 c. Moscato wine (white semi-sweet) … Continue reading MOSCATO GRAPE SAUCE


STRAWBERRY MUSTARD SAUCE from SECRET ASIAN WOMAN Sauce Collection A light sweet sour strawberry mustard sauce for stir-fries and veggie meats! Makes 3-3/4 cups 2 c. strawberry preserves 1 c. red wine vinegar (not Balsamic) 1 t. sea salt zest of 1 lemon 1/3 c. light brown sugar 1 T. dry mustard 1 t. ginger … Continue reading STRAWBERRY MUSTARD SAUCE


Liquid smoke is one of an animal-free chef’s greatest friends. Use to add a rich smoky dimension to dips, spreads, salad dressings, soups, sauces, main dishes. Always keep on hand. Buy in small bottle in grocery store, or as I do now, a larger bottle from GFS (Gordon’s Food Store).  


Garlic powder textures like cornstarch. Granulated garlic textures like salt, but doesn’t melt or dissolve. The finer the granulation, the better. Shop around. Most markets now carry only the granulated, yet label it as garlic powder. Ninety-nine percent of the time I use granulated labeled as powder. I know it’s confusing, but that’s what manufacturers … Continue reading GARLIC: POWDER vs GRANULATED


I buy Minor's Mushroom Base at Gordon's Food Store. It can also be purchased online at and elsewhere. It's a great product that enhances the mushroom flavor of whatever dish you use it in. It's salty, because it's highly concentrated, so you don't need much. It's also gluten-free.  


GROWING INDUSTRY Increasing consumer demand for plant-based foods is driving unprecedented growth in our industry. EXAMPLES INCLUDE: 36% of consumers buy plant-based meats, according to Mintel ». 26% of consumers say they ate less animal meat in the past 12 months, according to Nutrition Business Journal ». U.S. sales of plant-based meats were $553 million … Continue reading PLANT BASED FOODS TRADE ASSOCIATION


SHARON’S BAKED ZITI Layers of mushroom and roasted pepper garlic and fennel tomato sauce, cooked ziti pasta and Tofutti soy ricotta and cream cheese combined with cashew crumbles and flavored with herbs and white truffle oil, all topped with Italian Panko crumbs flavored, again, with white truffle oil. Baked till steamy hot! Superb, rich, light! … Continue reading HOW TO MAKE: BAKED ZITI