SCALLIONS. Just because you have scallion in the refrigerator doesn’t mean you should garnish every dish with it. However, if you really like scallion with everything, then try varying the cut: some tiny, thin rings, some sliced the long way into 2 inch long matchstick width or smaller.

Try frying up thick round disks of the white part of the scallion. Fry them hard without stirring them in the skillet. Flip gently, fry on the other side, then top whatever you’re topping.

When washing scallions, wash out the inside of the tubes by placing them under the faucet and filling them with water. Rinse several times. Peel off the sticky outer membranes, cut off the tops and store in a jar in refrigerator with a little water in the bottom and a baggie over the tops.

For cilantro or parsley: Wash well, shake dry, place in jar with water, place baggie over the top and refrigerate. Change the water every few days just like you would do a vase of flowers.


Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef, activist

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