ORDER IN WHICH EACH DISH IS SERVED. In some meals the order in which each dish is served is critical to the enjoyment of each dish. In other meals the order makes no difference whatsoever.  In this collection, I have noted when it does make a difference. For instance, some salads work best within the framework of the meal when served last. Some work best when served first, or midway, or on the same plate as the main dish. The specific flavor, texture, color and aroma qualities of each dish, and their potencies determine what will go with that dish, and in what order.

Generally, the meal is like a bell curve. You serve the blander dishes at each end of the curve, meaning the appetizer and dessert. The appetizer and/or soup work up to the salad in flavor potency to lead you to the entree, the most complex dish in flavors and textures. The sweet of dessert then eases you down from the excitement of the meal, leaving you contented.



Published by Sharon Lee Davies-Tight, artist, writer/author, animal-free chef

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