NON-DAIRY LIQUID CREAMER. I use non-dairy liquid creamer freely in my kitchen. It is a superb product, tasting much like real cream.

Depending upon where you live in the country, brand names will vary. Locate in the dairy section of the market.

Much to my dismay, this product is no longer available in Cleveland, Ohio. There is a product called Rich’s Coffee Creamer that is sold frozen in some markets. It can substitute for skim milk, regular milk or cream depending on whether you add water to it.

It thaws well, but again it’s not in all grocery markets.

Animal-free chefs need a non-dairy creamer to make white sauces and puddings. Soy milk, cashew milk and almond milk, although great for many uses, isn’t generally rich enough for vegetable sauces or desserts. And, they usually are sweet and have a vanilla component, which aren’t conducive to savory cream sauces.

In whole food markets I’ve seen occasionally a suitable creamer, but it comes only in pints, and isn’t always available in the same market, and readily available elsewhere.


rich's creamer


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