Restaurants do it all the time. They place a food item on the flat-top and cover it completely with a lid that sits on the flat-top. Most often they use it to melt cheese on something quickly. It works. I melt the veggie cheese on my veggie burgers using this quick method and it melts perfectly every time.

I also use it to reheat my homemade animal-free burgers, rather than frying in oil or a couple drops of water, which would make them break apart. This method keeps the burger together, while the moisture from inside of the burger heats it throughout.

Lid-To-Skillet Dry-Fry: Place burger in dry skillet, over medium to high heat, depending on how much char you want. Place a saucepan lid that’s smaller than the skillet over the burger for 1-2 minutes – so that the rim of the lid actually sits on the skillet. Flip the burger and do the same for 1 minute longer. Serve.
Lid-To-Skillet Wet-Fry: Use the dry fry method, except to add a few drops to 1 tablespoon liquid to a hot skillet before adding the item to be heated. Place lid to skillet and heat through. Use this method for wet dishes that you want to reheat quickly.



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